Confetti – a wonderful wedding day tradition! 

Symbolising love and fertility, starting married life under a shower of confetti is fabulous good luck and good fun! The tradition dates back to pagan times when it was thrown to keep away evil spirits and bestow fertility. It has endured and is one of those quirky things you’ll only experience on your wedding day! The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are extremely proud to have revived the Victorian tradition of throwing natural, biodegradable flower petals over the happy couple and supply pretty petal confetti to thousands of weddings every year. (Read our story here).

Quick Confetti Info        

Where do I start?

We have a huge choice of natural petal confetti and lots of pretty accessories to help you organise the confetti moment – we know this can be a little overwhelming if you have no idea where to start, so we’re here to help! See below for our tips and advice for sorting it all out…
Otherwise follow the links in the menu bars - happy shopping!

How much do I need?
Click here for our handy quantities guide.


When should I order?

Please go ahead and order now – our petals store really easily but we will be in touch if we need to dispatch the order closer to the big day. Alternatively we have next day delivery options!
Please see our FAQ page for more details.

How much does it cost?

1 Handful confetti Sachets, Bags and Envelopes cost £1.99 – £2.95.
If you’d prefer to buy a larger quantity of confetti our 10 Handful Bags cost £7.50 - £11.00.
The price for a complete Confetti Cone Box or Basket (for 20 people) is £40.50 – £50.50

How quick is the delivery and how much does it cost?

We try our best to dispatch all orders the day we receive them, and with Royal Mail 1st class delivery (£3.95) your confetti should be with you in a couple of days. However at busy times this might not be possible and we always recommend allowing up to 5 days for your order to arrive. For orders over £100 we offer a FREE standard delivery service.
If you need your confetti sooner, or just require a little extra peace of mind, we offer a trackable next day delivery option (£7.95 or £11.95 for a Saturday delivery) for orders placed before 3pm.  


Where do I start?!

Have a little think about the confetti moment (or a quick chat with the couple if you are the designated confetti shopper) and asking the following questions:

Where will the confetti throw take place?
  The location can help you work out how to organise things – perhaps everyone can stand in a long line down a pathway, or group together somewhere suitable for a great photograph? Natural banking, steps, avenues of trees, archways and doorways are all useful backdrops! The setting can also influence your choice of petals – lighter colours work well against dark background (and vice versa).
How many guests will be involved?
  It’s lovely to include everyone, but if it’s a very large wedding there might not be enough space to arrange all the guests. Most people provide a handful of petals for 50-75% of guests, some more, some less – it’s totally up to you. You can buy individual sachets, bags or envelopes of wedding confetti in any quantity. Alternatively we sell confetti in larger 10 Handful Bags. A 10 Handful Bag will fill a pack of 10 confetti cones, petal bags or envelopes. Very simple! (Remember: if you plan on filling your own packaging check the measurements – you may need more or less confetti to fill them).
How will you distribute the confetti to guests?
  Put the petals into a basket, bowl or pretty box and everyone can take a handful, or portion it out into confetti cones to make it easier to hold while waiting for the big moment! Petal bags, sachets and confetti envelopes are sealed (great for kids!) and can be left on seats or handed out with the order of service.
If you are a Bride or Groom then remember to ask someone to help organise everything on the day – you’ll be busy elsewhere! It’s an ideal job for bridesmaids/ushers or Mum/Mother-in-Law. They can hand out confetti petals and direct people where to stand. Be sure to chat it all through with your photographer too, to ensure you get the perfect picture. 

Your perfect petals – biodegradable and venue friendly

Now you have an idea of the plan it’s time to pick your petals and packaging! Our Samples Page is a great place to start because you can see all the petals together and easily compare shapes and colours. If you have time The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company’s Bespoke Sample Box can help you decide which petals to choose – it’s much nicer to see and feel the flower petals and will really help if you’re trying to match colours.  

We’ve a huge choice of packaging and accessories to ensure there is something to suit everyone - from romantic traditionalists to a chic, modern couple. Our new Personalised Confetti Cones enable an even more individual touch – we can add names, dates, even photographs, to make your confetti uniquely yours.

All our petals can be thrown but we recommend Delphiniums, Wildflowers and Small Rose Petals as confetti petals because they are fabulously fluttery! Our best advice is to simply choose the petals and colours you love the most.

The website is organised with each type of petal on its own page so you can easily see the options available. The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company measure out every single pint of petals with a good old fashioned pint jug, and pack every order by hand to ensure it’s perfect. Our confetti petals can be mixed together anyway you wish, at no extra charge. Some petals are sold only in single colours to ensure they store at their very best. If you have any bespoke requirements please just give us a call – we are very happy to help you create something special.

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Love your confetti – Share your confetti!

Join us on Facebook for ideas, confetti mixes, competitions and updates. We run an annual Perfect Confetti Photo Competition so be sure to send us pictures after the big day!

If you love browsing through beautiful wedding ideas do check out The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company’s Instagram feed and Pinterest boards and sign up for our Blog updates. There are endless ideas out there to inspire your own magical confetti moment – if you are trying to recreate something you’ve seen do email us a picture and we’ll do our best to help!

Petals can be used for so much more than throwing confetti. Natural, eco-friendly, truly beautiful flower petals make wonderful wedding decorations – you can scatter them down the aisle, on wedding tables, along pathways and dancefloors, and of course, decorate the honeymoon suite. People often include a handful in their wedding invitations, and if you are a creative person why not use them to make Thank You cards as a memory of the day? And don’t forget St Valentine’s Day and all those anniversaries that will come along – a scattering of red rose petals is guaranteed to add romance!

The responsible choice

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company’s environmentally friendly wedding petals help thousands of couples make sustainable choices on their wedding day. Buying our home grown petals you are supporting British Farming, local community and the planet. Thank you very much!
See more of our beautiful Flower Field photos and learn about visiting the field here.


Sophia: “We received your confetti for our wedding and just wanted to thank you for fulfilling our order so quickly and that the petals were absolutely beautiful and packaged so nicely. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who are getting married.

Lucy: "Hi, just wanted to email and thank you for the wonderful customer service. I called on Thursday at 4pm quite panicked because I needed confetti for a wedding on Saturday. The lady on the phone was lovely and reassuring and quickly sorted me out within minutes. The turnaround at your company was flawless and the package arrived today by special delivery. I really appreciated that it had been hand packed so neatly, wrapped carefully in tissue with signed off by Sally, a lovely touch! Best of all the confetti looks just beautiful. Thank you."

Sarah: "Thank you for your message, you are obviously a brilliant company who truly care how their confetti arrives for the couples' special day! Truly impressed!"

Sue: "I just wanted to say a big thank you. I received some confetti and a horseshoe in the post from you today and I am absolutely delighted. They are both so beautiful and I can't get over how nice the confetti is. I will have great pleasure throwing it up in the air as my sister gets married!"

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