The Confetti Flower Field

Please keep any eye on our website or follow us on social media to get all the news and updates. Thank you!

The Confetti Flower Field is CLOSED for 2020. We’ll be open again in summer 2021.

Please keep any eye on our website or follow us on social media to get all the news and updates. Thank you!

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? 

Why not buy your loved ones a wonderful day out in the Flower Field next summer?! Our new Gift Voucher’s make a wonderful Christmas gifts for friends or family! It’s always nice to give an experience, so now you can treat someone to a wander around our colourful flowers.

This year we are also offering handmade natural Christmas decorations – created from evergreens grown on the Wyke Manor Estate. They are letterbox friendly and we’re even offering FREE delivery! Go on, send some Mistletoe Kisses to a loved one…!

Everything’s different this year – including our Flower Field…

What to expect of the flower field-

As the flower field was replanted to bloom later in the year the flowers will not look the same as you may have seen when visiting in previous years. The delphiniums are making a show, but they are much shorter and not as imposing as they are in some of our photographs.

We have also planted lots of cornflowers and native wildflowers – which are brilliant for attracting bees, butterflies, and pollinating insects – and a great area full of smiling SUNFLOWERS!

Pre-book your tickets!    ALL TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT FOR 2020

This summer you must buy a flower field admission ticket in advance! We are managing the number of visitors in order to help everyone follow social distancing guidance. Pre-booked tickets and time slots will ensure that visits are spread out throughout the day, and that we do not exceed a safe capacity.

We realise that pre-booking your tickets means that you won’t be quite sure if the sun is going to shine. But we will only close the field in the case of extreme weather and if this should happen tickets booked for that day will be refunded in full. No system is perfect, but this is the best way we can keep everybody safe and sound.

Tickets will be on sale until 6am the day before the entry day. (For example, tickets for entry on Wednesday 12th August will be withdrawn from sale at 6am on Tuesday 11th August.)

Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020

We are continually reviewing all the Covid-19 guidelines to make sure that we open safely. This is our top priority.

KEY CHANGES – Need to Know 2020:

  • We are selling admission with limited capacity on our website. You must buy your admission in advance. WE ARE NOW COMPLETELY SOLD OUT – SORRY!
  • All admission costs £5.00 – Adults & children (under 5’s will be admitted for free).
  • Admission will be sold with a timed 1hr arrival slots throughout the day. Starting from 10am through until 3pm and the field will close at 5pm.
  • Your confirmation order email from us is your “ticket” – your name and order number will be checked when you arrive.
  • When you get to us you’ll be directed through the car park and your booking will be checked in your car. Therefore, if you are planning to meet up with family and friends but you are travelling separately, please book your own admission.
  • We politely ask that you limit your stay to 2 hours for the benefit of other visitors.
  • We are always busier at the weekends! This year our open days will fall in the school holidays, so we encourage you to visit on a weekday if you can.
  • The Confetti Café will be open on a takeaway basis offering a simplified menu of drinks and tasty treats.
  • There will be no viewing platform –  this year’s field is quite flat and therefore it is possible to see the whole vista from the ground.
  • Everyone must abide by the government’s social distancing regulations, and we recommend that you bring your own hand sanitiser with you.

Please Remember –

  • Car parking is free.
  • Please do not bring your pets or leave then in your car – registered disability assistance dogs are the only animals allowed in the Flower Field.
  • There is no smoking or vaping allowed in the flower field or on any of our surrounding land.
  • Drones are not permitted over any of the fields at any time.
  • Professional Photographer’s Passes are available online NOW – please read more detailed information HERE.
  • Due to the uncertainty around our opening dates this year we are unable to arrange any private field bookings or access to the fields outside normal opening hours.

Be kind! 

When you visit the Wyke Manor Estate this summer you will need to abide by the government’s social distancing guidance.

We ask everyone to be kind, considerate and patient with our staff and fellow visitors to keep everyone happy and safe.

confetti fields 2020

General Visiting Information

*Please note that all this information is subject to the continually evolving coronavirus regulations and social distancing measures and therefore may change.

Visiting Our Farm:

UPDATE – there are rain clouds around but we are doing a good job of avoiding them here in the flower field! The ground is still quite hard and okay for wheelchairs and buggies. We recommend you bring a brolly – just in case.

Please remember that we are a working farm and this is a pop-up event! Farm fields are bumpy and uneven underfoot and there are lots of plants and insects around that might scratch, sting or bite. We recommend you wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the outdoors. A hat and sunscreen on a sunny day is essential. To clarify, there is very little shade or cover in the field, so please come prepared!

Because we are outdoor event in a farm field we are at the mercy of the weather! When the field is open, we will post regular updates on this web page and on our social media, keeping you informed of the conditions. For example, in hot weather it is very dry and dusty underfoot. On the other hand, on a rainy day it can be muddy. Please check before you travel and plan accordingly.

We may have to close the field in the event of bad weather, for instance, heavy rain or high winds. Please check our website or social media feeds before you set off on your journey to see us. We will give you as much notice as possible, and if we close the field you will receive a full refund.

Please don’t bring too much stuff with you! (See below for the T&Cs of entry) Little ones in buggies and prams are, of course, very welcome – but be aware that you might struggle on bumpy, dusty or wet ground.

We have portable loos available in the car parks and flower field, but there is no running water or electricity on site. We strongly recommend that you bring your own hand sanitiser with you.

Groups and Coach Trips

Due to the social distancing regulations we consequently cannot encourage group visits this summer. We will therefore not accept parties in coaches or mini-buses. It is against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place.

We heartily encourage that you meet up with family and friends but you must abide by social distancing guidance. Right now, this means that you should limit your group to a maximum of six people from different households, or a maximum of two household groups meeting. Please note that admission tickets will be checked in your car. Therefore, if you are travelling separately please buy your own tickets.

Disabled Access

Our Confetti Field is just a farm field and therefore it is very bumpy and uneven underfoot. Pathways through the flowers are soil, and consequently they usually become very soft and dusty or muddy. This can be challenging for those with limited mobility. We advise that it is generally unsuitable for wheelchairs, lightweight mobility scooters and walking frames.

However, there are grassed areas around the edge of the flowers and a seating area will be provided for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Therefore, you can see the flowers without walking too far. Many more intrepid visitors in wheelchairs and mobility scooters do negotiate the grassy areas. We would advise that it comes down to the attitude and frailty of the individual. Therefore, if you are planning a visit with family/friends with mobility issues, please do call us to discuss you concerns.

Disabled toilets are provided. No wheelchairs are available for loan.

Professional & Commercial Photography:

*Please note that access outside of our opening dates and times will not be possible in 2020.

The Confetti Flower Field makes a wonderful backdrop and setting for a photo shoot. If you are a Professional Photographer and are interested in running shoots in the confetti field, please visit our dedicated page HERE.

If you’d like to find a photographer who is offering photos shoots this summer, we recommend that you check our social media feeds @realflowerpetal confetti to find people who might be offering their photography services – #confettifields is a great place to start!

Commercial classes, tutorials, workshops and tours:

Any and all commercial activity does not fall under our general admission terms. Due to the uncertainty around our opening dates this summer we are unable to arrange any private field bookings this year. We are very sorry to disappoint you.

Media Enquiries:

Please call Nancy on 01386 555045 if you are interested in writing about or filming in our flower field. Please note that there is a very short window when the flowers are in bloom!

Please help us to look after The Confetti Flower Field and enable everyone to have a safe and happy visit by following these simple rules:

Most importantly, DO NOT leave your home if you or anyone in your household has Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms. These are a cough, and/or high temperature, and/or loss of, or change in, your normal sense of smell or taste.

When you visit you need to abide by the government’s social distancing guidance. This means that –

  • You should keep your distance from people outside your household. The government recommends that you keep two metres apart. Please do not crowd in on other visitors and please be especially careful and considerate in queues and busy areas.
  • Bring a hand sanitiser gel with you and use it regularly. There is no running water in the flower field. Avoid touching your face.
  • Read and comply with the signage in and around the flower field. It is there to ensure the safety of everyone.

Be kind! We ask everyone to be kind, considerate and patient with our staff and fellow visitors.

General Admission Terms:

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No smoking or vaping.
  • Only registered disability assistance dogs are allowed in the Flower Field. Please leave pets at home.
  • Please be careful when walking through the flowers. Keep to the mown pathways and please don’t walk in between the rows. You will damage the flowers. Please help us look after the petal harvest.
  • Cutting, picking, or digging up the plants is not allowed. Flowers and confetti are for sale at the marquees
  • To protect all our crops, ball games and sports activities/equipment are not allowed in any of our farm fields. Bicycles, scooters, and large toys must be left in your car (or at your own risk at the entrance).
  • Please do not bring barbecues, stoves or picnic chairs and furniture. No alcohol is allowed.
  • Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside – please don’t bring radios, music players and musical instruments.
  • We’re sorry but we only want to see birds flying overhead. Drones and other remotely controlled aircraft are not allowed in the flower field or over any of the Wyke Manor Estate.
  • People come from all over the world to enjoy the flowers. Please be considerate in your behaviour. We retain the right to refuse admission or remove from the field anyone not behaving appropriately.
  • There is no access to any surrounding fields. Please do not climb fences or hedges. Please do not walk in our farm crops.
  • Finally, you may see some confetti pickers in the field harvesting the petals. Please ask their permission before taking their photograph.

Share your pictures

Please use #confettifields and #realflowerpetalconfetti on Instagram.

And tag us in your fabulous photographs on Facebook @realflowerpetalconfetti

Or you can email pictures to

flower confetti bird

Share your pictures

Please use #confettifields and #realflowerpetalconfetti on Instagram.

And tag us in your fabulous photographs on Facebook @realflowerpetalconfetti

Or you can email pictures to

flower confetti birdconfetti blue bird

The Confetti Cafe

The Confetti Café will is open this summer! However, to keep people safe, everything will be simplified and streamlined. There will be fewer choices than usual. We’ll offer a takeaway service of treats including tea, coffee, cold drinks, hand made pre-wrapped cake slices and tubs of lovely local ice creams.

The cafe will be open 10am – 4.30pm.

We regret there is no access to the Café without field admission.
The Confetti Flower Field - The Confetti Cafe

Hayley Reynolds – Artist in Residence

Hayley is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with natural marble plasters, composite metals, acrylics and watercolours. She specialises in Venetian plaster work and creates contemporary art in stunning colours and textures.

A local girl, she has long been inspired by our beautiful flower field, and we are thrilled to welcome her back to the field in 2020!

Hayley offers a range of paintings, frescos and unique greetings cards for sale in the field. However, she is also available year round and will happily take on your commissions for confetti flower field inspired art work – just get in touch!

Please contact Hayley via her website if you have any questions or to arrange a commission.

Artist Hayley Reynolds in The Confetti Flower Field 2019
The Confetti Fields 2020 - artist Hayley Reynolds
The Confetti Fields 2020 - artist Hayley Reynolds

Getting Here

The Confetti Flower Field is located behind the village of Wick on the Wyke Manor Estate, Pershore, Worcestershire WR10 3PA.

Access will be signed from the B4084 (Pershore to Evesham road). We operate a one-way entry/exit system so therefore PLEASE FOLLOW THE SIGNS (not your satnav)!

If you are coming from Pershore you must take the second turning into Wick (Cooks Hill). If you are coming from Evesham, you must take the first turning into Wick. Please do not drive through the village.

We are a working farm. Access to the field is along single-track roads, bumpy farm tracks and across grassed fields. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY AND CONSIDERATELY. Consequently, the access roads are not suitable for long, wide or low vehicles. In addition, road cyclists (with thin tyres!) should be aware that they may struggle to ride on some of the surfaces in and out of the field.

During busy times (weekend mornings) there may be some queuing. Please do not wait across people’s driveways, or block road junctions. Above all, there is NO PARKING in Wick village.

Unfortunately, due to the location of the field in 2020, we do not recommend walking to The Confetti Flower Field.

Public Transport

At this time the government is asking everyone to consider all other forms of transport before using public transport. Therefore, we would ask you consider visiting us in a future year, if public transport is your only option.

The Local Area

Wick is situated a mile outside of Pershore, a delightful Georgian market town. Pershore offers the River Avon, parks and picnic spots, lots of great cafes, pubs and restaurants, and plenty of independent shops. In other words, it’s a lovely little town and a great place to visit! However, please remember that this year it will be likely be necessary to book a table if you wish to dine in any of our pubs and restaurants.

We are lucky to be located in the Vale of Evesham, on the edge of The Cotswolds, and ten miles from the Malvern Hills. We have many beautiful outdoor spaces that you can enjoy, so if you’re travelling from further afield why not stay over and make a break of it?!

For accommodation in Pershore we recommend Woodlands 159 B&B.

Useful websites –  and

Georgian Pershore, Worcestsershire
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original confetti farm

Buy Flower Field Confetti!

Buy Flower Field Confetti!