Large Natural Rose Petals

Our natural rose petals are freeze dried to keep them looking natural and fresh.
These real rose petals have the natural curl of a petal that has just fallen from the stem.
Sprinkle the petals on wedding tables or a scatter on the bed to make a romantic moment very special.


Red Cerise Pink & Cream Sunset Mauve Blackcurrant Golden Yellow
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1 Pint of Petals 8.50    

Each pint of petals is only supplied in a single colour.
These large rose petals are not suitable for putting into cones, bags or envelopes.
We recommend the small natural rose or delphinium petals as wedding throwing confetti.

Table Decoration: Light Sprinkle = 1 pint per table
Table Decoration: Heavy Sprinkle = 2 pint per table

The voile bag measures 24x16cm

3 pints is recommended to scatter on a bed or to create
a light covering over 1 sq metre.

Romantic petal ideas  
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