Flower girl baskets - flower girls enjoying the rose petals

Flower Girl Baskets of petals are beautiful, traditional, and lovely!

Flower girl baskets are ideal for both your confetti throw and for scattering petals down the aisle in front of the bride.

Putting loose petals in a basket means you can double up for both occasions. Alternatively, when filled with confetti cones or confetti bags, Flower Girl Baskets provide an easy way to hand out confetti to each of your guests. Because it’s all portioned out ready to go.

Read on for our favourite basket ideas, some helpful tips and advice, and our guidance for choosing your perfect flower girl baskets…

Flower Girl Baskets are a great way to include little ones in your wedding ceremony.

Flower girls and page boys can scatter petals down the wedding aisle to bring good luck and symbolise a happy path in married life. The job provides them with a unique role in the ceremony and consequently, they feel special and important. But, above all, it looks adorable, and it creates a wonderful entrance for the bride! (For more on petal aisles click here).

Flower girl baskets - scattering delphinium etals

Top tip – Quantities:

Most importantly, you need to measure your aisle!

Our flower petals are sold by the handful, and in most cases 1 x 10 Handful Bag is enough for one flower girl to walk down the aisle scattering petals. For example, she will likely scatter one handful per couple of steps, and so, unless you have a very long aisle, 10 handfuls will be fine.

Usually the process is faster than when it’s been practised, especially with little ones!

Flower girl baskets - scattering petals

Top tip – Brides:

Do ask your little flower girl or page boy if they’d like to scatter petals down the aisle. Not everyone is keen on the limelight, and you want to make them feel special, not stressed.

A great alternative, if your little ones are quite shy, is to dress the aisle with a line of petals down either side. Then have an older bridesmaid hold the hand of the child (and the basket) as they walk down the aisle in front of the bride.

Read our aisle decoration blog here!

Flower girl baskets of real flower petal confetti

Alternative Idea:

Scattering petals is a wonderful way to include more people in the wedding ceremony.

It’s not just for little children! Sprinkling petals down the aisle is a lovely job for the mother of the bride and mother-in-law-to-be. Likewise, it’s a beautiful way to include your grandparents in the ceremony. And similarly it might be the perfect role for an friend who perhaps feels they are too old to be a “bridesmaid”.

It’s a great job for anyone you’d like to involve who wouldn’t be comfortable giving a reading.

Confetti Baskets

Flower girl baskets can also be used to provide the confetti petals to throw after the ceremony. The confetti throw marks the start of the celebrations and, moreover, is loads of fun! You can ask your bridesmaids and page boys to walk around and offer everyone a handful of petals from the basket. In other words, it gives them another job to do to keep them busy!

We have written a dedicated post on Organising your Confetti Throw – just click here.

Flower girl baskets - the confetti moment

Top tip – Photography:

If you are hoping to get that wonderful confetti moment photo then it’s important to let your photographer know!

It’s much easier for the photographer if the confetti throw is organised, and flower girl baskets can help with this. The children, bridesmaids, ushers or helpful friends/family who hand out the confetti can tell all the guests where to stand and what’s going to happen. For example, you can arrange yourselves in a group behind the happy couple, or in two lines to make a pathway for the newly-weds to walk through.

In other words, a bit of planning will mean that your photographer knows what to do to get that special shot.  

Flower girl baskets - the confetti moment

Our Flower Girl Baskets are sized to be suitable for both little children and grown up bridesmaids. We have a selection of different baskets which can hold from 10 up to 60 handfuls of loose flower petals.

Confetti Baskets:

Small White Rectangular Basket will hold: 20 handfuls of petals, 10 Cones, 10 Envelopes or 12 Sachets.

Oval Basket will hold: 30 handfuls of petals, 20 Cones, 20 Envelopes, 24 Sachets or 20 Confetti Bags.

Rectangular Basket will hold: 40 handfuls of petals, 20 Cones, 30 Envelopes, 30 Sachets or 20 Confetti Bags.

Deep Oval Basket will hold: 60 handfuls of petals, or up to 40 Confetti Bags.

Confetti Cone Stand: 20 Confetti Cones.


Bespoke Baskets:

You can create your very own bespoke confetti basket combination, and the possibilities are endless! We have a large array of colours and styles of 100% biodegradable flower petals.

Why not look at our How to Guide – where to start with your wedding confetti! Although you’ve already strted, knowing that you’d like flower girl baskets! But what to fill them with…? We’d recommend choosing your petals first. Do you prefer Confetti Cones, Confetti Bags, Petal Envelopes or Confetti Sachets? Alternatively, you might prefer the simplicity of loose petals. Finally, this will all help you choose the basket itself, with packaging and quantities in mind.

Furthermore, all of our baskets are available with a ribbon decorated handle – cream comes as standard but you can request any colour from our ribbon collection by simply popping a note in the comments box on the order form!

Ready-to-go Flower Girl Baskets:


More ideas on Pinterest – Flower Girl Baskets

And please do share your confetti photos and clever ideas with us on social media. It’s always good to see new ideas and our customer’s find it really helpful!

We hope this has started your thinking about your Flower Girl Baskets. If you need a bit more help please give us a call on 01386 555045.

Love from The Petal People x

Written 06/12/2018