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Exactly why do we give a “lucky” horseshoe to the new bride on her wedding day?


We love traditions! A lucky horseshoe... so what's that all about?! When you start to plan your wedding, you learn pretty quickly that the day is full of little traditions and symbolic links with our past. Some of them, like for example, wearing a white dress, [...]

Everything you need to know about choosing your beautiful wedding confetti cones!

2022-01-18T13:05:30+00:00Confetti Cones, Weddings|

Why we love wedding confetti cones Wedding Confetti Cones are awesome – they offer such a pretty and easy way to get wedding confetti petals to guests ready for the big confetti moment. You simply fill each one with a handful of petals, then place them in [...]

The Sample Service – the best way to find your own perfect confetti petals

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Confetti samples! Our bespoke Confetti Sample Service is simply the best way to help you find and mix your own bespoke wedding confetti. It’s great if you have something in mind, or, on the other hand, if you have no idea where to start! You can order [...]

All you need to know about beautiful eco-friendly wedding confetti

2022-01-18T13:54:08+00:00Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Petals, Tips & Advice, Weddings|

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company’s guide to planning a eco-friendly wedding: Everything you need to know about petal confetti and sustainable wedding decorations. It feels like the tide has finally started to turn. That is to say, David Attenborough’s famous images of plastic eating sea creatures [...]

How to… Choose your Petal Confetti – a look at all the options to help you pick your perfect petals

2022-03-31T16:51:57+01:00Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Petals, Tips & Advice, Weddings|

Petal confetti is natural, beautiful and 100% biodegradable. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for your wedding day and your magical confetti moment. However, there are lots of petal confetti options, and so perhaps you don’t quite know where to start… Therefore, we have put together this simple simple [...]

How to… Create flower petal aisles and wedding pathways

2022-01-18T14:54:05+00:00Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Petals, Tips & Advice, Weddings|

Decorating with flower petals A petal scattered aisle works at both an indoor and an outdoor ceremony, at a traditional church marriage and also at a funky modern celebration. That is to say, the idea works for all styles of ceremony and celebration. It can be natural and [...]

How to… Organise your confetti moment – a really useful guide from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

2022-01-18T14:58:13+00:00Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Packaging, Tips & Advice, Weddings|

Confetti – the start of the wedding day celebrations! The confetti throw is a quintessential wedding day experience. One of those “pinch me – oh my goodness we’re married!” moments. Your favourite people are showering you in pretty petals, lots of love and good wishes. And, [...]

Introducing… Christmas Wedding Confetti Ideas from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

2022-01-18T13:07:49+00:00Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Packaging, Confetti Petals, Weddings, Winter Weddings|

Christmas wedding confetti - we just love a Christmas wedding! If you are getting married in the run up to Christmas then you can choose to embrace the forthcoming festivities, and consquently, pull all the joy and merrymaking into your celebrations. Or you can go for a [...]

How to… Flower Girl Baskets – Ideas and Inspiration

2022-01-18T15:00:02+00:00Confetti Cones, Confetti Inspiration, Flower Girl Baskets, Tips & Advice, Weddings|

Flower Girl Baskets of petals are beautiful, traditional, and lovely! Flower girl baskets are ideal for both your confetti throw and for scattering petals down the aisle in front of the bride. Putting loose petals in a basket means you can double up for both occasions. Alternatively, [...]

Biodegradable Confetti – Natural Delphinium & Wildflower Petals

2022-04-06T16:26:57+01:00Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Packaging, Confetti Petals, Weddings|

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are the UK’s original growers of biodegradable confetti petals. We have been covering couples in confetti since 1997! But never has real biodegradable flower petals been more popular. We are all trying to think and act more sustainably and consequently weddings are [...]

Introducing…. Halloween Wedding Confetti Ideas!

2022-01-18T13:08:41+00:00Autumn Weddings, Confetti Inspiration, Confetti Petals, Weddings|

Are you planning a super spooky or creatively alternative Halloween Wedding? Well then, read on…. We have assembled our favourite Halloween wedding confetti ideas to inspire your confetti moment – probably the most ghoulishly glorious confetti colour concoctions we’ve ever done! Halloween weddings are fab, fun and fabulous, [...]

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