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Delphinium Petal Confetti from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Our Delphinium Petal Confetti is natural, beautiful and 100% biodegradable.

The Wyke Manor Estate in Worcestershire is the British home of delphinium petal confetti. We have been growing, handpicking and air-drying wedding confetti for over 20 years. So, you could say we are petals experts!

Our home-grown Delphinium Petals are the prettiest and most traditional confetti petals. They are small and light and consequently they flutter beautifully. The little petals hang in the air and fill it with colour. As a result, they will look fabulous in your photographs! Most importantly, our delphinium petal confetti is completely natural and totally biodegradable. In other words, it’s the perfect choice and it will make your confetti moment truly magical.

All our delphinium petals, and likewise, the wildflower petals that we also grow here on the farm, are handpicked. As a result, we have only the best quality confetti petals. Because it’s your wedding day, and only the best is good enough.

We dry our flower petals naturally, in a way that preserves their shape and colour.  We have carefully developed this technique, and therefore it is a bit of a trade secret! The petals look as lovely as they did on the flower, but being dry, it means that they will store for at least 12 months. So, we are not limited to the summer blooming season and we can all enjoy real flower petal confetti all year round!

Bespoke Delphinium Petal Confetti

You can create your very own confetti mix to match your big day. With any of our Bespoke products you can play around and pick your favourite combination of colours. Each bespoke product page has a clever mix and match image, so you can change petals in and out. For instance, you can try all the different pink petals in your mix to see which you prefer. It’s great fun! The petals will be mixed in equal quantities, unless you tell us otherwise. We mix all our confetti petal orders by hand, so we can create any blend you desire. Just get in touch.

Pre-Mixed Confetti Colours

In addition to our bespoke service, we do offer lots of pre-mixed confetti blends. In other words, if you are having trouble and can’t decide which colours to choose, then we’ve done the hard work for you. Jump to our Popular Petal Mixes page for our most well-liked colours and combinations. These colour “recipes” are guaranteed to look great!

Visit the Delphinium Petal Confetti Flower Field

Each summer, we open-up our enormous flower field on the Wyke Manor Estate. You can come and walk around the flowers, take pictures and even enjoy tea and cake in our pop-up café. It’s a unique place and quite an unusual afternoon out! The colourful blooms will put a smile on your face. We are only open for a few days so please read all the visiting information before planning your trip.

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