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Red Rose Petals from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Red rose petals are the most classically romantic of all rose petals! Our collection of dried and preserved petals will last much longer than fresh rose petals – you’ll find that they won’t wilt, or fade. Consequently, you can create romantic decorations, pathways, and gestures that will stay looking beautiful. And likewise, your red rose petal confetti is will look perfect in your confetti moment and photographs!

Most importantly, you need to know that our petals are all 100% biodegradable.

Natural Red Rose Petals

Our Bright Red Small Natural Rose Petals and Red Large Natural Rose Petals are totally natural and biodegradable. You will appreciate their lovely pure colour, that is rich and deep. Our Small Natural Rose Petals measure approx. 2-3cm. They are flat and a slighter darker tone on their reverse. On the other hand, Large Natural Rose Petals have retained a gorgeous curl. That is to say, they look most like the have just fallen from a rose! They measure about 3-5cm. It’s just personal choice as to which you prefer, but we suggest that the Small petals are better for throwing confetti.

Both of these petals have been freeze dried to extend their life. As a result, they will store in perfect condition for 4 months.

Coloured Rose Petals

Red and Burgundy Coloured Rose Petals are real rose petals that have been put through a colour enhancement process. They are dyed to achieve vivid, even colour across every petal. You’ll find that they also have a lovely softness. But they therefore may leak colour if they are crushed, if you get them wet or if you expose them to high humidity. Moreover, please do not place them on surfaces with oil-based paint or varnish finish. However, this dye is water based and you can wash it out of fabric.

Coloured Rose Petals measure 2-3cm. You’ll find that they will last a really long time – they will store in top condition for at least 12 months. Furthermore, buying a larger box of these petals will get you a 25% discount: Therefore, they are the best value petals if you are going to decorate a large area, create patterns, pathways or proposal spots.

If you have time – why not order a Sample Pack to see all our red rose petals and compare them to find out which will best suit your needs?

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