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The Confetti Flower Field 2019 – Photographer’s Daytime Location Pass


Photographer’s Daytime Location Pass: 1 day pass

You are purchasing a downloadable file – please print your pass and read the terms and conditions carefully. (Please note: you can only download the file once).

This pass gives you, the photographer (1 person), access to the flower field between 10am – 5pm on your chosen date/dates. There is no access outside of these days and times. There is no access to any surrounding fields. Your clients will be required to pay the normal entry fee at the gate for each person entering the field.

If you require more than one day, please add each day to the basket. If you require multiple days you might consider the 10-day pass (£350.00).

Please select the date/dates of your choosing:


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Photographer’s Daytime Location Pass: £45.00 per day.

Please purchase a pass for each day you will be visiting. If you are considering multiple passes, you might want to consider the 10-Day Pass.

We recommend that you try to book photo shoots on a weekday. It’s much quieter and so it will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone!

You are buying a downloadable file that will contain your field pass and the full T&Cs. Please print your pass and read the terms and conditions carefully. (Please note: you can only download the file once).


The dated pass gives you, the photographer (1 person), access to the field between 10am – 5pm on your chosen day/days.

There is NO ACCESS outside of these days and times. There is NO ACCESS to any surrounding fields.

If you work as a photography team, each photographer needs to buy their own pass.

Your clients are required to pay the normal entry fee for each person entering the field on arrival at the field gate. (£5.00 per adult and £2.50 for children aged 6 – 16).

There are a limited number of Location Passes available for each day and we retain the right to withdrawn them from sale at our discretion.

More information

In the summer, when you arrive at the flower field, you’ll be required to check in at the gate and present your Location Pass. More details as to the arrival procedures, field layout and details, will be emailed to you in June 2019.

This summer’s flower field will be much bigger – a whopping 27 acres of flowers as opposed 14 acres last year! This means that people will have a lot more room and space. Consequently, it should be much easier to get photos without other people in the background.

In 2019 we will set up a dedicated Photographer’s Meeting Point. Therefore, there will be an easy place for you to arrange to meet with your clients.

Terms & Conditions

Passes are transferrable but not refundable. If you wish to change the date on your pass, please call Nancy on 01386 555045 with at least 24h notice.

We will be open if it rains and we would encourage you and your clients to wear wellies and bring colourful umbrellas for an equally fab photo opportunity! However, if you want to come on an alternative day you must telephone us – 01386 555045 – at least 24h beforehand to rebook your pass/es.

The flower field will only be closed if the weather conditions are extreme – we will call you to let you know and you will receive a refund for your pass valid on that day.

In addition to our General Admission Terms (below), to make everyone’s visit to our flowers more enjoyable, we ask that you adhere to the following –

·        Please do not bring excess baggage or equipment.

·        We will not allow large props and large pieces of equipment into the flower fields. (eg. suitcases, furniture, step ladders) A stool or small steps is fine. Please don’t use our chairs to stand on – it’s too wobbly underfoot.

·        Please do not bring photo display cases, business branded check-in desks, flags, or large signage.

·        There are no changing facilities on site. It is not appropriate to change clothes/costumes in the flower fields. Please do not bring changing tents. If you are conducting a fashion shoot or require exclusive access to the field, please call us to discuss your requirements in advance.

Our flowers are grown to be harvested for wedding confetti, so we need to look after them:

·        Do not encourage your clients to walk in amongst the flowers. Keep to the edges and the mown pathways.

·        When taking pictures please do not stand in amongst the flowers yourself. Keep to the edges and the mown pathways.

General Admission Terms:

·        Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

·        No smoking or vaping.

·        Only registered disability assistance dogs are allowed in the Flower Field. Please leave pets at home.

·        Please be careful when walking through the flowers – keep to the mown pathways and please don’t walk in between the rows. You will damage the flowers. Please help us look after the petal harvest.

·        Cutting, picking, or digging up the plants is not allowed. Flowers and confetti are for sale at the marquees.

·        To protect all our crops, ball games and sports activities/equipment are not allowed in any of our farm fields. Bicycles, scooters, and large toys must be left in your car (or at your own risk at the entrance).

·        Please do not bring barbecues, stoves or picnic chairs and furniture. No alcohol is allowed.

·        Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside – please don’t bring radios, music players and musical instruments.

·        We’re sorry but we only want to see birds flying overhead. Drones and other remotely controlled aircraft are not allowed in the flower field or over any of the Wyke Manor Estate.

·        People come from all over the world to enjoy the flowers – please be considerate in your behaviour. We retain the right to refuse admission or remove from the field anyone not behaving appropriately.

·        There is no access to any surrounding fields. Please do not climb fences or hedges.

·        Finally, you may see some confetti pickers in the field harvesting the petals – please ask their permission before taking their photograph.

When to order

Photographer’s Location Passes are available to buy online now.

There are a limited number available on a first come – first served basis.

We retain the right to withdraw this product from sale at any point.

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