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Natural Christmas Gifts by Post

You can send your loved ones some cheer this festive season with our Natural Christmas Gifts and Decorations. All handmade on the Wyke Manor Estate – home of The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company and The Confetti Flower Field. We have created these letter-box friendly gifts from 100% real and natural mistletoe, holly and ivy sprigs. Mistletoe is famous for its kissing folklore, and we’d love to start a new trend of hugging under the holly!

We have gathered all the natural materials from across the fields and orchards of the Wyke Manor Estate. Mistletoe grows organically in trees across the estate – indeed Worcestershire is famous for it. And our young holly plantation is already proving popular with the local blackbirds who are enjoying feasting on the berries!

We designed our gifts to fit right through the letter box. You can pre-order your boxes now and we’ll send them out a little closer to Christmas on the date of your choosing. We are also offering FREE DELIVERY on our Natural Christmas Gifts – just use the code HAPPYXMAS21 at checkout!

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