Confetti Inspiration

There are lots of different ways to organise your confetti moment – we have plenty of packaging options available to help you organise and personalise your confetti throw.

Confetti petal bags - pink delphinium petals

Our Real Brides

These wonderful confetti photos will help you understand how each of our confetti petals will look when it’s thrown and how different colours stand out.

An Ivory Delphinium Petal confetti moment
A Coloured Rose Petal confetti throw
Confetti guard of honour with Rainbow Delphinium Petals
A Coloured Rose Petal confetti moment
Dusky Blue Hydrangea confetti petals
Rainbow Small Natural Rose Petals


All the latest ideas, bespoke confetti mixes and seasonal inspiration…

Clever Ideas!

Here are a few helpful tips and ideas from our customers and some lovely ways to use flower petals for more than just throwing confetti!

Flower girl baskets - a line of red rose petals down the aisle