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Our Photo Galleries

A photo of a bride and groom during their confetti moment, with overlaid text that reads - Real Wedding.
A photo of a bowl of flower petal confetti, with two hands sifting the petals, and the text reads - Instagram Inspiration
A photo of a confetti moment with ivory petal confetti and the text reads - Competition
A photo of a young girl wearing butterfly wings, stood in the flower field and the text reads - Flower Field Photos
A photo of a brdie and groom enjoying their confetti moment, and the text reads - Real Weddings

All the best confetti shots, bespoke confetti mixes, clever confetti ideas and seasonal inspiration…

Photographs are the very best way to see which confetti petals you’d like to buy for your confetti moment. You need to see the petals in action. We are lucky to have lots of lovely customers send us their beautiful photos, and, as a result, you can see the real magic… Our photos are all genuine confetti moments with our real flower petal confetti. 

Social Media

We also share all our favourite confetti ideas to social media. We upload the interesting confetti mixes we see, and the clever ideas we encounter. Consequently, it has become a fabulous resource to help you make your own confetti choices. Other customers’ confetti creations can be really inspiring!

(In addition, you’ll see a few photos in the feed from around the Wyke Manor Estate, and whatever is going on in our world. Which in the summer of course means Flower Field photos!)

If you are not on social media we have our Instagram feed below. You can simply keep clicking on the “load more” button to see more pictures. If you’d like a bit more detail about the petals and colours in the photo you can click on it to take you to the original post. Consequently, you will be able to see our comments and more details about the confetti petals.


Don’t forget to share your photos with us once you have enjoyed your confetti moment! We run an annual competition and you could win a case of champagne, delivered in time for your first Christmas as a married couple. Please click HERE, or on the link above, to read all the details.