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Celebrating 21 happy years of growing confetti!

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are the UK’s original wedding petal growers. We have led the way in beautiful, natural, biodegradable confetti since 1997. We still use the same carefully developed methods of planting, handpicked and naturally drying our flower petals to ensure we only supply the very highest quality wedding confetti.

The confetti moment is a quintessential wedding day experience. The traditional simplicity, and beauty, of the idea of throwing flower petals, together with the fact that they biodegrade as naturally as blossom, meant that our confetti was instantly loved by happy couples, churches and venues. Today, more and more couples are looking to make eco-friendly and sustainable wedding day choices, and our flower petals fit the bill perfectly.

Our real flower petal confetti has now been used at tens of thousands of weddings worldwide, including those of celebrities and Royalty, and they have also been used to bring a touch of romance to TV and feature films too.

You can come and see where your petals came from – The Confetti Flower Field is now open to the public for 10 days each summer! The wonderful experience of walking in a huge field of colourful flowers is not to be missed.

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The story of The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Charles Hudson was looking for ways to diversify the farming on his family estate when he stumbled upon the idea of real flower confetti…

The story of The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company began on a late spring afternoon in 1997. Charles paused outside the village churchyard on his way home, and strewn around the lych-gate were tiny wet pieces of coloured paper, debris from an earlier wedding. It had turned the church entrance into an eyesore.

Charles could see why so many churches ban the use of confetti within church grounds, but it seemed a shame that the wedding celebrations could not have started as the happy couple stepped out of the church. When he arrived home some petals fell from the flower bouquet he was carrying for his wife and he experienced a ‘eureka’ moment – the idea of Real Flower Petal Confetti was born!

The best blooms handpicked

Charles experimented with many flowers and carefully developed his own delicate process of drying petals – using just sunshine and fresh air. Delphiniums and cornflowers were chosen for their ability to retain their shape and beautiful colour when dried.

A huge field of flowers bloom on the Wyke Manor Estate each summer – quite a sight to behold! All petals are picked by hand, to be sent out to weddings all over the world.

The demand for natural, biodegradable confetti has been so great that rose petals, wildflowers, hydrangeas, and lavender have been added to our collection. Handmade confetti cones, bridesmaid baskets, petal bags, beautiful paper envelopes and lucky bridal horseshoes are all available to add those finishing touches.

The Confetti Team is a small one, but we are dedicated to helping every happy couple find their perfect petals! We pride ourselves on the quality of our confetti and that we offer every customer a personal service. Over 20 years experience has taught us lots of tips and tricks and we are here to help you plan your once in a lifetime confetti moment.

We understand that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life – so nothing is too much trouble!

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The Wyke Manor Estate, Worcestershire

The Wyke Manor Estate is nestled in the shadow of Bredon Hill in the picturesque south Worcestershire countryside. The Hudson family have farmed the land around Wick village for over 250 years.

As many farms have had to do, diversification has altered the make up of the Estate, and it now consists of some 1000 acres of arable farmland and river meadow, woodland, cricket bat willows, rental cottages and a hydroelectric scheme on the River Avon.

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company is the unexpected heart of the farm – delphiniums and cornflowers are planted in rotation with the wheat and barley and bring an amazing burst of colour each summer. Quite a sight to behold! For a few short weeks in July the flowers bloom and the confetti petals are harvested by hand.

For the last few years the Confetti Flower Field has been open to the public. This has given us the opportunity to share its beauty with thousands of visitors – some from as far away as Thailand and New Zealand! Take a look at the Flower Field page for visiting information.

Over the years Charles and Glenn, his farm manager, have planted some special designs in the flower field. We held the Guinness World Record for the Largest Carpet of Flowers for our 2005 Union Jack! It was replanted in 2017 to celebrate our 20th anniversary of growing petal confetti and the enormous red, white and blue display was a huge hit!

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The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company is proud to promote environmentally friendly wedding choices and a truly home grown British product.

Love, laughter…happily ever after!

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