Biodegradable Confetti – natural Delphinium & Wildflower Petals

Go ahead and create your very own wedding confetti mixture from our beautiful biodegradable confetti petals!

Home grown on the Wyke Manor Estate in Worcestershire. These pretty petals are of the highest quality. Our Delphinium & Wildflower petals are handpicked and naturally dried in the sunshine. As a result, the 100% biodegradable confetti petals retain their lovely colour and delicate shape.

The petals are small, light and floaty, so when you throw them they will hang in the air. Consequently, you’ll create a wonderful “confetti moment” and fabulous photographs!

We sell the petals by the handful, to make it easy for you to work out how much you need. If you want loose petals in a basket or are filling confetti cones then buy as many 10 Handfuls Bags as you require. Alternatively, our Petal Bags, Sachets and Confetti Envelopes offer different options for portioning out the confetti and giving it to wedding guests.

Furthermore… you can come and see these flowers blooming on the farm each summer! The Confetti Flower Field is a unique place to visit. The vast expanse of colour is quite spectacular. Please click here for details.