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Handmade Wedding Horseshoes

Handmade wedding horseshoes are a very traditional gift for a new bride. When you give a horseshoe it is thought you will bring good luck to the new marriage!

At The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company we decorate all our lucky horseshoes by hand. Each one is a real aluminium horseshoe and we add pretty ribbons and paper flowers. They are available for you to to buy in a selection of different colours and styles of flower, so there should be something to suit every wedding day. £16.50 each. Our handmade wedding horseshoes measure 13cm wide by 13cm tall and have a 15cm ribbon handle.

Horseshoes are rich in meaning and symbolism. If you give a wedding horseshoe you will be helping to bring good luck and protection to the marital home. In addition, if a young child presents the horseshoe to the bride it is believed to bestow fertility on the new marriage!

Remember… It is very important that you do not turn your horseshoe upside down, because if you do all the good luck will fall out!

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