Eco Friendly Confetti

Eco Friendly Confetti

Buy your eco-friendly confetti petals right here:

The perfect confetti petals – they’re light and floaty.
Grown on our Estate where they are then handpicked and naturally air dried.

Great throwing confetti!
Rose petals are pretty and romantic.
Real freeze-dried petals.

The most popular petals in the loveliest colour-combinations. Pick your favourite and simply select your preferred packaging.

We are very proud to have led the world of eco-friendly confetti since 1997.

Our real flower petal confetti is made of 100% real flower petals. Consequently, it is totally biodegradable and will disappear like blossom!

Which to choose?

Certainly, the MOST eco-friendly confetti is our own homegrown delphinium and wildflower petals. That is to say, we handpick them and air-dry them right here on the farm. However, if you prefer the romance of rose petals then Small Natural Rose Petals are the way to go. Similarly, they are totally natural and biodegradable.

Above all, whether you create your own bespoke eco-friendly confetti blend or choose from one of our pretty pre-mixed options, you can be sure that you are making an eco-friendly choice.

In short, these are real petals in real colours: We’ve simply taken away a little moisture to make them last. Most importantly, this means that you can order your petals now (get them ticked off your list!) and they will store perfectly until the big day.

Our Eco Credentials

If you’d like to learn more about our eco-friendly confetti petals, then please read our blog feature – All you need to know about beautiful eco-friendly wedding confetti.

In addition, you can check out our Eco-Friendly Confetti Inspiration Pinterest Board. It is packed full of confetti ideas to help you find your wedding confetti. For instance, there are lots of lovely colour combinations to inspire your choices!

The Confetti Flower Field

Moreover, we open The Confetti Flower Field to the public for a few days each summer! If you live locally to us you can come and see our flowers growing. Most importantly, we sell confetti petals from our little shop in the field, and you can also buy bunches of fresh delphiniums. Please visit our Flower Field pages for more details.

eco-friendly confetti
Mixed colours, 2018, The Confetti Flower Field, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Worcestershire
Flower Field staff, 2018, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Worcestershire
Biodegradable Confetti - a bright and beautiful confetti moment


Our confetti petals biodegrade naturally: However, you should certainly consider how you dispose of your confetti packaging, if you are thinking about the planet.

Our 10 Handful Bags (and little Petal Bags) are totally reusable. The Confetti Office staff all use them in the office and at home for storing all sorts of things. For instance, because they are see through, they are brilliant for keeping things tidy in drawers or boxes! Moreover, they are easy to hang up, so great for hooking small items up and out of the way. In addition, they offer a lovely way to present gifts (petal bags are perfect for jewellery!). If you can’t re-use them yourself, certainly you can donate them to a charity shop, Freecycle them or sell them online where someone else could even use them for their wedding confetti!

Our plastic Confetti Sachets are recyclable. When you have used them, you can put them in your household collection bin – please remove the gold hook first. Confetti Envelopes are made of very thin paper; therefore, they are already quite a long way down the paper chain. Remove the ribbon and they can be recycled, or you could put them into your compost bin – remember to take out the window if you do this!

Our postal packaging: We source our cardboard boxes from an environmentally friendly company, and they are fully recyclable. But we would also recommend that you re-use them if you can! We always reuse the packing materials than come into us, in the boxes we send out – like tissue paper, bubble wrap etc – and we’d recommend that you carry on the chain of reuse. Above all, we think that if you can use something again then you should do!

100% real flower petals – the UK’s original flower petal confetti company!

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