Artist In Residence

Artist Hayley Reynolds in The Confetti Flower Field 2019
The Confetti Fields 2020 - artist Hayley Reynolds
Work by artist Hayley Reynolds in The Confetti Flower Field 2019

Artist in Residence – Hayley Reynolds

Hayley Reynolds is a multi-disciplinary artist. She works with natural marble plasters, composite metals, acrylics and watercolours. But Hayley specialises in Venetian plaster work and she creates contemporary art in stunning colours and textures.

Most importantly, Hayley lives just up the road from the Wyke Manor Estate! Therefore, she has long been inspired by our beautiful flower fields. Hayley uses her brushes, pens and trowels to skilfully capture the vast expanse of colours, shapes, and the wonderful summer light in the confetti field. She is able to express the joy and happiness of our flower fields and the sunny warmth of our sunflowers and therefore her works is an excellent memory of your visit.

As the field changes each year, so do her creations. That is to say that we are always excited to see what new work will arrive each summer! Hayley paints in the flowers during our open days, and she offers a range of paintings, frescos and unique greetings cards for sale in the field.

In addition, Hayley is happy to accept flower field inspired commissions year-round. So please just get in touch with her. Please contact Hayley via her website or social media.

Hayley Reynolds - Baby Marble Designs - The Confetti Flower Field artist in residence
Confetti Flower Field greetings card by Hayley Reynolds
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