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The Sunflower Field

The Sunflower Field 2021 - sunflowers in Worcestershire

The amazing Sunflowers of the Wyke Manor Estate, Worcestershire

Sunflowers in Worcestershire – Every now and again we plant an enormous field of smiling sunflowers! It is a magical experience to walk through all the yellow faces and see the vast expanse of joyful colour. It is up to the needs of the farm if we will have a field of sunflowers, and if they are in the right place for us to open our doors for the public to enjoy them. Sadly, there will not be a Sunflower Field in 2024. We will let you know when they will return in the future.

Sunflowers are a great crop for farmers – they are a brilliant source of food for bees and pollinating insects and provide cover for lots of wildlife. We often spot hare in amongst the tall flowers and spy deer footprints in between the rows. The flowers themselves provide bird seed for garden birds. (They can also be harvested to become sunflower oil.)

And, in addition, diversity in what we grow, is good for the soil. Sunflowers are allelopathic, which means that they suppress the growth of plants around them; for instance the invasive weeds that cause trouble in certain areas of the farm. Moreover, sunflower roots also help detoxify heavy metals from the soil – lead, zinc, and copper for example.

But for us humans, it is so uplifting to escape into the flowers and get lost in between the tall blooms. We also have dinky ones for the little ones to enjoy the same experience! Most importantly, we plant a selection of different varieties, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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You can buy our Sunflower Seeds here and add some of the beauty and benefit of sunflowers to your garden!

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Sunflowers in Worcestershire - field on the Wyke Manor Estate - sunflower with a ladybird
a bunch of sunflowers - sunflower field wyke manor estate
the sunflower field on the wyke manor estate - sunflowers in Worcestershire
Sunflowers in Worcestershire - the real flower peta confetti company in 2021
Our amazing Sunflower Field 2021!
A really tall sunflower, 2021, The Sunflower Field, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Worcestershire