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A Virtual Flower Field Tour!

Now you can take a “virtual tour” of our beautiful Confetti Fields!

A virtual flower field tour – thanks to clever 360 degree drone footage filmed in summer 2019 by Gorilla Drones, you can experience what it might be like to fly above the confetti flower field!

Use your finger/curser to spin around the screen. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the Worcestershire countryside and the colourful flower field below. In other words, you can now get lost in a virtual dreamland! Therefore, why not take a few minutes to re-live (or imagine) your time amongst the flowers?

Take a “virtual flower field tour”!

This immersive experience is a fun way to explore the beauty of our special flower field. You can, for example, see the striking patterns formed by the pathways – only visible from above!

But, in addition, you can enjoy lovely far ranging views across our picturesque landscape. Can you spot, for example, Bredon Hill, Pershore Abbey, and the river Avon? After that, you can look for the far views of the Malvern Hills and the Cotswold ridge. But don’t forget to look at the detail too. In the field used as the flower field carpark you can clearly see how the cars have squashed the grass!

In case this is your first visit to our website, we are The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company. We grow our huge field of flowers to make wedding confetti. We handpick all these flowers, naturally dry them and turn them into pretty flower petal confetti. Our flower petals are totally biodegradable, eco-friendly and, most importantly, they are super floaty light. So they look amazing in the confetti moment and photographs! Furthermore, the confetti field is also open to the public to enjoy for 10 days each summer – take a look HERE.

More flower field footage by Gorilla Drones:

Learn all about The Confetti Flower Field…

The Confetti Flower Field from the air, with Bredon Hill, Pershore and the Malvern Hills in the background

With many thanks to Gorilla Drones – a Midlands based CAA approved commercial drone operator

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