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Pre-Mixed Confetti

Our most popular confetti petals and colours pre-mixed for you.

Ready to go – quick and easy to buy – simply choose the petals you love in the packaging you need!

All our confetti petals are 100% biodegradable and venue friendly.

Confetti petal mixes in the prettiest colour combinations.
Ready to go – choose your favourite!

Pre-packaged confetti baskets – perfect for bridesmaids
to hand out to wedding guests.
Ready to go – buy as seen.

Limited edition petal mixes, special packaging options and brilliant bargains!
Ready to go – buy as seen.

Simple, single colours of wedding confetti. 
Available in a range of our packaging options.

Select up to 8 petals to see colours and sizes.
Only pay postage + redeem the cost when you place an order!

100% real flower petals – the UK’s original flower petal confetti company!