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Flower Girl Baskets of biodegradable real flower petal confetti – ideal for your little ones!

Flower girl baskets of petals for scattering or throwing on your wedding day. They offer you an adorable way to get little girls or boys involved in the wedding ceremony. And they also look beautiful! Our handmade wicker baskets and 100% biodegradable flower petals are the perfect choice.

Scattering petals down the wedding aisle is thought to bring good luck. It is also symbolic of a happy path in married life. The job provides flower girls and page boys with a unique role in the wedding ceremony. Consequently, they feel special and important. But, above all, it looks delightful, and it creates a wonderful entrance for the bride!

Flower girl baskets can also be used to provide the confetti petals to throw after the ceremony. The confetti throw marks the start of the celebrations and, moreover, is loads of fun! You can ask your bridesmaids and page boys to walk around and offer everyone a handful of petals from the basket. In other words, it gives them another job to do to keep them busy!

We chose these flower girl baskets because they are a great size for both little children and grown up bridesmaids. They won’t look silly if an adult needs to take over the responsibility in cases of stage fright!

Our most popular pre-mixed confetti combinations are available in these baskets below. They are our best sellers and guaranteed to look great in your photographs! But please take a look at our Confetti Petals, Baskets & Boxes and Confetti Cones if you’d prefer to create your own bespoke confetti combination.

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  • Pink Mix confetti petals - Biodegradable Confetti - Real Flower Petal Confetti
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  • Blue Mix confetti petals - Biodegradable Confetti - Real Flower Petal Confetti
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  • Rainbow Small Natural Rose Petal Confetti
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  • Pink and Cream Large Natural Rose Petal
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