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Rose Petals Confetti – Coloured Roses from The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company.
Coloured Rose Petals make bright and beautiful confetti petals!

This petal confetti is made of real, biodegradable rose petals that have been dyed. Therefore, we must warn you that it may leak colour if the petals are crushed, get wet or are exposed to high humidity. With the lighter colours the risk of colour leakage is very small. To clarify, we have never had any trouble with these petals, but we just want to make sure you know that they are dyed. But, most importantly, this rose petal confetti is totally biodegradable. (However, if you prefer something 100% natural please look at our Small Natural Rose Petal collection).

These petals are available in a range of vivid and uniform colours, and, as a result, youl’ll find that they will stand out colourfully in your confetti photos. The petals are soft and great for throwing. If you are looking for a splash of bright colour – these are for you! They are supplied in SINGLE COLOURS ONLY. However, you can buy a few colours and mix them together yourself at home – this looks wonderful! We suggest that you do it the day before the weddin,g to ensure the petals stay looking their best.

This rose petals confetti will store for up to 12 months. Consequently, you can buy them well ahead of your wedding and get the confetti checked off your to-do list – always helpful!

Moreover – you can buy our Coloured Petals in a 40 Handful Box at a discounted price – save 25%! See below…

  • Dark Pink coloured Rose Petal Confetti coloured rose petal confetti 10 handful box
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    Light Blue coloured Rose Petal Confetti coloured rose petals 40 handful box
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  • White Coloured Rose Petal coloured rose petal bag
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  • coloured rose yellow coloured rose petal sachets
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  • One petal - White Rose Petals - Snow White Large Coloured Rose Petals White Rose Petals - Snow White Large Coloured Rose Petals
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