Coloured Hydrangea Petals


Real hydrangea petals which have been preserved and colour enhanced.
This technique allows the petals to be vividly coloured and retain their softness.
These pretty wedding confetti petals can also be used for scattering on tables and creating a petal path of flowers.

The coloured rose collection & hydrangea petals are dyed and therefore may leak colour if they are crushed, get wet or are exposed to high humidity, do not place them on surfaces with oil based paint or varnish finish. If you are selecting light colours then the risk of colour leakage is very small.


Light Green
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Light Blue
Light Pink   White
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Sachet £1.99 each 1 Pint Box £8.50 each 4 Pint Box £27.50
2 handfuls of confetti.
Side length of sachet - 15cm
10 handfuls of confetti.
The box measures 13 x 7.5 x 6cm
40 handfuls of confetti.
The box measures 21 x 18 x 7cm
Romantic Petal Ideas Our cones and baskets can be viewed on the accessories page.
1 Pint of petals will fill 10 of our cones or petal bags.
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These petals are only available to buy as a single colour.
You could buy different individual colour boxes and mix them yourself.

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