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Confetti samples! Our bespoke Confetti Sample Service is simply the best way to help you find and mix your own bespoke wedding confetti. It’s great if you have something in mind, or, on the other hand, if you have no idea where to start!

You can order up to eight petals to see, feel and compare.

For example, if you’re looking for a certain shade of pink, the sample service can help you identify the one for you. However, if you’re not sure what to choose, you can simply select the petals you like best. Seeing them in real life is a much nicer way to create your own special blend.

“I just loved our confetti samples – it was such a treat to open a box full of colour. It looked so lovely. Thank you.” Janet, 2019

Have some fun!

Certainly, we recommend that you play around with the petals!  You can mix different colours together to see what catches your eye. Likewise, combining different types of petals can produce very different looks. Don’t take it too seriously or worry too much – just find something you love and… Those are your perfect petals!

How it works –

  • You can order up to 8 confetti samples free of charge.

  • First, have a browse of our website to get some inspiration. Then you can simply select your samples on our special page and add them to your basket.

  • Fill out the order form and pay the delivery fee. MOST IMPORTANTLY – you can reclaim this £4.50 delivery cost when you place a future order with us. We will send you a discount code via email. (We’re sorry it can’t all be completely free right from the start, but people got a bit silly with it.)

  • Our Confetti Sample orders are all dispatched by Royal Mail 1st Class Post. The box will fit through your letterbox.

Confetti Moment


If you haven’t got a wedding colour scheme or theme you might be looking for some confetti inspiration… Well, our website is full of ideas to help you! Read some more posts on our blog, browse through photos in our galleries or spend a bit on time exploring our Pinterest boards. There are so many ways you can mix our confetti petals. That is to say, there are probably endless combinations of colours! So, you’re sure to see something you love that will get you started on creating your own confetti.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, then head first to our quick How to Guide – Where to start with your wedding confetti!

A few more important details –

  • You are welcome to choose our Next Day Delivery option, but we are only able to reimburse £4.50.

  • We are happy to send samples overseas – but again we are only able to reimburse £4.50.

  • If you order any other items from our shop alongside your sample petals, we will be unable to refund the delivery charge.

  • There is a limit of 8 samples because that’s what fits in our box! If you select more than 8 samples to see, we will send the first 8 on the order form.

And PLEASE recycle! The little plastic sachets we use in our sample pack can be recycled with your household collection (please just take out the petals!). Furthermore, so can the delivery box, insert and all the paperwork. Therefore, please recycle your Confetti Samples Pack when you have made your choices.

Some bespoke confetti blends created by customers…

A handful of a bespoke confetti - real flower petal confetti
A handful of Rose Petals - a bespoke mix of purply shades.
A handful of Biodegradable Confetti - Raspberry Pink and Ivory Delphinium Petals

Happy sample shopping!

With love from, The Petal People x

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company on the Wyke Manor Estate

Written 14/05/2020

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