How long does confetti last? It’s certainly one of our most frequently asked questions…

How long does confetti last?

Our Delphinium Petals and Flowers and Wildflower Petals will keep in perfect condition for longer than 12 months. They are amazing!

Rose Petals will store perfectly for 4 months.

Hydrangea Petals will also keep at their best for 4 months.

A note on our Special Offers –

Coloured Rose Petals will store for over 12 months.

Large Natural Rose Petals will keep for 4 months.

However, we might occasionally have “end of line” petals on our offers page with a short shelf life. But we will make this clear in the description of each product.

A handful of a bespoke confetti - real flower petal confetti

All our petals are very easy to look after – simply store them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

So when should you order confetti?

Now! Get it ticked off your list. Let us worry about making sure your petals will be perfect on your wedding day. To do this we will simply ask for your wedding / event date during the checkout process.

For more details on when is best to place your order, and last minute deliveries, please read our short post – When should I order confetti?

A bride and groom enjoying their confetti moment

Naturally dried with sunshine and fresh air!

Our homegrown petals store so well because they have been delicately dried. Their beauty is preserved by our special techniques, and they keep their colour and shape. Stored in a cool, dry environment, away from moisture and sunlight, they do not wilt or fade. For something so light and pretty, that so easily biodegrades, they will last a surprisingly long time!

Easy to store

We suggest that you keep your petals in the same sort of conditions: Room temperature, out of direct sunlight. It is really that simple. The same goes for our Rose Petals and Hydrangeas Petals too. Keep them dry and away from sunlight, so that they keep their lovely shape and colour.

Please give us a call or send an email if you have any more questions – we are here to help!

If you’re ready to start confetti shopping, try our quick How to Guide – Where to start with your wedding confetti

With best wishes,

The Petal People xx

Written 8/11/2023

A bride and groom enjoying their real flower petal confetti moment