engagement rose petals scattered on a bed

Our beautiful, biodegradable real flower petals are not just for wedding confetti…

Engagement Rose Petals – Many people are choosing to mark important life events with biodegradable petal decorations.

Certainly, our flower petals offer a lovely alternative to mass produced paper or plastic decorations. They biodegrade completely, leaving no mess or waste.

The beauty and, in addition, the symbolism, of flowers, really enhance a romantic moment, celebration or party.

Your Guide to choosing the best Engagement Rose Petals

We’ve put together this short guide to help you with your options when picking your engagement rose petals. It is a huge moment in your life, and so the perfect proposal petals are a personal choice. Above all, there are no rights or wrongs: Follow your heart and go for the petals that you think best express your love…

Red Rose Petals in a heart shaped bowl

Make your marriage proposal extra special with beautiful, natural rose petals!

Romantic Proposal Decoration Ideas…

You might scatter petals to decorate the dining table or hotel bedroom…

You could create petals pathways or romantic trails leading to the proposal spot…

Or you could create a decorative artwork – giant hearts, your initials, smiley faces, a future wedding date…

You could fill the jewellery or gift box with pretty petals…

Recreate a relaxing spa with a bathtub filled with petals, candles, and music…

You can even throw petals like confetti to indicate what’s to come!

Use your imagination and show your loved one just how much you care.

Red Rose Petals in a heart shaped bowl

Make your marriage proposal extra special with beautiful, natural rose petals!

Which Engagement Rose Petals are for me?

Our real flower petals are natural and totally biodegradable. That is to say, they will simply fade away like blossom, and not leave behind any litter. As a result, they are a wonderful, eco-friendly choice for decorations and grand gestures alike.

We recommend our Small Natural Rose Petals. They are freeze dried petals, so, they have retained their beautiful natural shape and colour. These rose petals measure between 1.5 – 4cm wide by 2 – 4cm high. size. Consequently, you get great coverage if you are scattering across a large area.  Alternatively, you will find that you can create quite a few decorations from just one bag.

A pile of Bright Pink Mix Small Natural Rose Petals
A pile of Rainbow Small Natural Rose Petal Confetti
A pile of Merlot Small Natural Rose Petals
A pile of Red and Cream mixed Small Natural Rose confetti petals.
A pile of Blushing Pink Small Natural Rose Petals

You’ll also find Delphinium Petals and Hydrangea Petals offered on our Proposal Petals Page. Therefore, if our engagement rose petals aren’t quite right for you, perhaps you’ll find your dream decoration within our other collections?

How many engagement rose petals do I need?

We are the UK’s original confetti farmers; so we know a thing or two about petals! Most importantly, we are on hand to help you plan your romantic gesture. It can be difficult to work out how many petals you might need to decorate a pathway through your garden, for instance. But we have plenty of experience and are very happy to help you work it all out. Just get in touch with your ideas and we can help you with the calculations.

Our petals are sold in a 10 Handful Bag – this is enough to give you 10 closed handfuls of rose petals. It is 1 pint volume of petals. We measure it out with a kitchen jug. (Or perhaps it’s easier to visualise a pint glass?!) If you are looking at covering a bigger area these photos should help you assess how densely the large petals will cover the ground.

How much confetti do you need? A photo of one handful of Small Natural Rose Petals

1 Handful of Small Natural Roses

Approx. 30 petals

A visual comparison of different amounts of rose petals over one square meter

Scatterings of rose petals over 1sqm. The number indicates how many 10 Handfuls Bags have been used.

In conclusion, pick your perfect petals and go big, go bold, and shout out your love! Best of luck.

Don’t forget to come back to us for your wedding confetti!

With love from The Petal People xx

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Written 16.11.2022. Updated 09.11.2223.