Welcome to our collection of Pre-Mixed Confetti Petals in four seasonally inspired combinations:

Our pre-mixed confetti petals are totally natural and biodegradable. The real flower petals have been carefully air-dried to make them last. And, most importantly, they have retained their lovely natural colour. Therefore, they are sure to look fabulous in your wedding photos!

All the petals in our Meadow Mixes are light and floaty and will flutter beautifully in your confetti moment. It will be an experience to treasure forever.

Each seasonal blend is available in all of our packing options. In addition, they come ready-to-go in a basket, with, or without, confetti cones.

You could place individual packets of confetti petals on chairs in your venue, or, for example, hand them out with the order of service. Alternatively, you might prefer to have someone pass around a basket full of petals. Have a think about when your confetti moment will take place, and which style of packaging suits your wedding the best.

wyke manor estate through the seasons

The Confetti Mixes are available in all of our packing options, as well as ready-to-go in a basket with or without confetti cones:

confetti packing options

Which one do you love?

Pinks, purples, yellow, ivory, burgundy – so many seasonal shades and evocative colours! Do you have a favourite season?

Our advice… Don’t worry about the season in which you are tying the knot. You should simply choose the colours you like the best!

There are no rules, or rights & wrongs, when it comes to choosing your wedding confetti. Follow your heart – it’s your big day 😊

spring meadow confetti petals

Spring Meadow is a pretty mix of Pale Pink Delphinium Flowers, Ivory Delphinium Petals and Marigold Wildflower Petals.

This mix is soft and feminine. An ode to daffodils and blossoms! It will look great against dark backdrops – trees, walls or stone.

summer meadow confetti petals

Summer Meadow – Pale Pink, Raspberry and Purple Delphinium Flowers and Marigold Wildflower Petals.

This is a bright, bold and beautiful blend that will have a great impact in your confetti photos. Sunny confetti smiles!

autumn meadow

Autumn Meadow – is a gorgeous blend of Raspberry Delphinium Flowers, Claret and Marigold Wildflower Petals.

It is lovely, rich, warm and just a little bit different. These petals will contrast beautifully against a pale wedding dress.

Winter Meadow – beautiful Purple Delphinium Flowers, Ivory Delphinium Petals and Marigold Wildflower Petals.

This mixture is really lovely – fresh, bright white with warm yellow and purple colours running through it. It’s proving to be very popular!

You can see our full range of Pre Mixed Confetti Petals HERE. Or of course, if you are now inspired to get creative with colours and make your very own unique seasonal confetti blend… Head over to our Bespoke Mixing Pages HERE! You can find even more seasonal inspiration for your wedding confetti and much more, on our Pinterest boards.

With best wishes,

The Petal People xx

Written 11/10/2022