Why we love wedding Confetti Bags

Wedding Confetti Bags offer a nice, easy, practical way to organise your confetti moment.

Each little bag contains a handful of petals and is closed with a drawstring. Most importantly, this means that the petals won’t spill or blow away. This makes them easy to carry about and absolutely perfect for little children.

Choosing individual Confetti Bags mean that you can be sure you’ll have enough confetti for everyone. You can leave bags on chairs in the venue, hand them out with the order of service, leave them in a pretty box by the exit or ask someone to hand them out to your guests. There are so many options, it makes organising your confetti moment really easy!

Confetti Bags are much more practical than a loose handful of petals. You can pop a little bag in your pocket whilst taking photos on your phone. Or if you need to walk your guests through the grounds to the perfect place for the confetti photo, the confetti won’t blow away whilst you amble over.

And furthermore, we will fill the Confetti Bags for you. Consequently, there will be no last-minute worries about who needs to sort out the confetti on the morning of the wedding!

**Wedding Guests** Confetti Bags are the perfect choice if you are a guest taking your own confetti with you to the ceremony! Our Confetti Bags will fit easily into a handbag or jacket pocket. You can even tie a cluster of them to your bag with the drawstring ties, and you’ll have confetti petals for all your family!

The happy couple are walking out of a white doorway and the air is full of white delphinium petals confetti. Both the bride and groom are smiling widely. The bride holds a large bouquet of flowers.

Need to know:

Our pretty little Confetti Bags are cream in colour, measure 11cm by 8cm and contain one handful of confetti petals. They have a silky drawstring closure.

Your Confetti Bags will arrive full of the petals of your choice. You can create a bespoke mix, choose from single colours or a popular pre-mixed blend.

Our Confetti Bags are hand filled to order, just for you.

You can order exactly as many as you need.

We recommend our Delphiniums & Wildflowers  as the best wedding confetti to throw – these petals will sit prettily in the bags and flutter beautifully in the big moment! They are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Prices start from £2.50 for a bag full of Delphiniums & Wildflowers.

Picking your Petals

The lovely thing about our confetti bags is that you can see the petal mix through the sheer fabric. So, simply choose the petals you like the best and we will mix them up for you!

Delphiniums are small and light and floaty and will look beautiful inside the bags and flying through the air. They would be our top tip for the best petals, but many people choose Rose Petals for the extra romance they bring to the moment. They offer different colour choices too. Or if you are looking for something a bit different, Hydrangea Petals come in gorgeous natural shades of Blue and Green!

wedding confetti bags - pale pastel delphinium petals

There are no rules with confetti – it’s a once in lifetime experience, so make sure you love it!

We hope this has given you a bit more info about our lovely little Confetti Bags. But if you’re still not quite sure where to start – head to our How to Guide – Where to start with you wedding confetti.

Or please get in touch – email us at info@confettidirect.co.uk or call 01386 555045 – we’re here to help.

With love from,

The Petal People xxx

Written 12/12/2022