A close up photo of a bride and groom enjoying their confetti moment. The bride is smiling widely and the groom is looking at her lovingly. Little flower petals fill the air.

The Confetti Moment – the start of the wedding day celebrations!

The confetti throw is a quintessential wedding day experience. One of those “pinch me – oh my goodness we’re married!” moments. Your favourite people are showering you in pretty petals, lots of love and good wishes. And, above all, it gives you a fabulous photograph to help you remember that feeling forever!

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already excited! It only takes a few minutes to think about how you can make the magic happen. But trust us, it will make everything a bit easier on the wedding day. That is to say, if you really want that perfect photograph, or if you have lots of guests to get involved: It’s worth the time to think about how best to arrange it all.

If you are felling a bit overwhelmed, we suggest jumping to our How to Guide – Where to start with your wedding confetti. It has a really simple graphic to take you through the steps. Otherwise, read on…

Traditionally, confetti is thrown when the happy couple leave the church.

It is an old symbolic act to shower the couple with good luck, well wishes and love. And certainly, there remains no more romantic way to take your first steps together as a married couple than under a flurry of flower petals! The church door, porch or lych-gate provide a wonderful backdrop to the moment. Creating two lines or groups of guests for the couple to walk through as they leave the building is natural and easy.

However, if your venue is hosting both the ceremony and the celebrations, you might not have this natural “exit”. But there are many opportunities for a confetti moment later in the wedding day. For instance, how about when you gather together your guests for drinks on the terrace or photos in the garden? Likewise, you can turn a planned formal entrance on the grand staircase into the perfect confetti moment! Alternatively, if you plan on making a proper departure at the end of the night, an evening confetti moment is great fun!

A bride in a knee length white dress, and a groom in a blue suit, are walking out of the church holding hands together in the air - they are both cheering and smiling. The wedding guests are stood either side of the church door and are throwing confetti high in the air above the happy couple.

“It was so much fun to walk through the cheering avenue of our nearest and dearest as few minutes after we said I do.” Nancy, 2015

Our best advice…

Most importantly – DELEGATE! In other words, if you are the bride or groom, now is the time to ask someone to help and take charge of proceedings. It’s not a difficult task, but on the big day you will be busy! For instance, you could ask your Bridesmaids, Ushers or your new Mothers-in-Law? They will make sure everyone has their confetti and can direct guests to the right place to stand. Certainly your photographer will appreciate assistance with getting people in place. Consequently, there won’t be too much hanging around and people wandering off!

In addition, be sure to have a good look at your location. Ideally with your photographer, if getting the perfect picture is important to you. In short, we suggest you make the best use of the setting: Steps, pathways, bridges, balconies and natural banking all help arrange people and frame the picture.

A big group photo always looks great if you have room, and you might need to plan accordingly. Alternatively, a long line of guests will give your photographer lots of opportunities to get that perfect picture.

Ways to get your confetti to your guests…

Basket of Petals

Ideal for your bridesmaids, flower girl, page boys or ushers to walk around with and make sure every guest takes a handful. You simply need a handful per person. We sell all our petals in 10 Handful Bags and can offer a range of baskets that will hold from 10 – 60 handfuls.

Read our Flower Girl Baskets blog post for lots more details!

Confetti Cones

Easy for guests to hold whilst they wait for the happy couple and the throw to take place. Available in a range of colours, patterns and personalised options. And, as a result, confetti cones allow you to add a lot more style and individuality to your confetti moment!

Our handmade confetti cones are sold rolled and ready to fill, in packs of 10. Therefore you will need to order one 10 Handful Bag of petals to fill one pack of 10 cones.

Remember, if you choose confetti cones you need to get something to stand them in! Check out our post on – Everything you need to know about confetti cones!

Confetti Envelopes, Confetti Bags and Confetti Sachets –

These are all great alternatives to confetti cones. They are sealed packages, which makes them perfect if you think it might be a bit breezy. Moreover, they are brilliant if you have little ones who you think might drop a basket of petals or cones!

Confetti bags are a very popular choice. You can learn more in the post – Everything you need to know about our pretty little confetti bags.

A post ceremony throw –

If you are having a post-ceremony throw, then why not hand out our Envelopes, Confetti Bags or Sachets with the Order of Service? One for each guest or between each couple.

In addition, you could consider printing some confetti “instructions” at the end of the Order of Service booklet. Tell guests whats happening next, where to stand and what to expect.

If it’s a small wedding then you could ask the officiant to make an announcement at the end of the ceremony. “Please take a handful of confetti petals from the baskets as you leave and when the happy couple emerge throw them high and happily!”

Confetti moments at other times of the wedding day –

However, if you’re not planning the traditional confetti moment… You could hand out confetti with each glass of champagne as people arrive at the reception. As a result, your guests will be ready to shower you with petals when you make your big entrance!

Likewise, you could put a Confetti Sachet, Envelope or Bag on each place setting at the dining tables. They can be personalised with ribbons and stickers, for instance, and used as a name place or a favour. Similarly, you could use the confetti as part of your table decorations: For example, a bowl filled with petals looks beautiful and is easy for the guests to take a handful when the time comes to throw.

The confetti throw could even happen as the newly weds leave at the very end of the evening – a final flourish if you like!


How you arrange things is totally up to you! That is to say, it’s your big day and your magical confetti moment. Therefore, have a think and, most importantly, figure out what works for you.

If you’d now like to learn more about the types of flower petals we have available, please read – Choosing your Petal Confetti.

Win champagne!

However, you decide to organise the special moment we’d love to see your pictures.! We run an annual Competition to find the perfect confetti moment photograph each year, and one lucky couple will win a case of champagne delivered in time for Christmas!

Take a look at even more photos HERE.

If you need a bit more advice, we are very happy to help! Please give us a call on 01386 555045.

Love from The Petal People x

Written 17/12/2018