Christmas Wedding Confetti - confetti basket

Christmas wedding confetti – we just love a Christmas wedding!

If you are getting married in the run up to Christmas then you can choose to embrace the forthcoming festivities, and consquently, pull all the joy and merrymaking into your celebrations. Or you can go for a more general wintry theme, and try not to include too much tinsel. But christmas weddings don’t have to be all about Santa and reindeer. “Christmas” is a quite a broad wedding theme, and so you can be as jolly as you like. The colours you choose for your big day will really set the mood and the tone. Here are our favourite ideas and suggestions for Christmas colours and Christmas wedding confetti…

Christmas Colours –

Red, green, white and gold are classic festive colours. Consequently, they combine beautifully to create merry Christmas wedding confetti mixes.

We recommend that you start with our Colour Chart if there are specific colours that you are looking for. You can see all the different colours together in one place, and therefore it is easy to compare and choose. For instance, if you’re looking for reds, they are all there next to each other for you to simply pick your favourite.

We can mix any and all of our different petals together for you. Please just give us a call and tell us what you’d like! 01386 555045.

Try Gold Delphiniums – they are brilliant to add into your blend to add a little touch of Christmas. Most importantly, they are still totally biodegradable petals.

Red Rose Petals are a great choice for any winter wedding. They stand out well against both the bride’s dress and darker winter backdrops, and as a result, they will make your photos look great! Similarly, they also look stunning against a snowy background!

And don’t forget the confetti cones and packaging colours too. The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company can create totally Bespoke Photo Cones for you: That is to say, if you’d like a confetti cone of the happy couple in Santa hats – we can do it!

Christmas Wedding Confetti - christmas coloured confetti.
Christmas Wedding Confetti - sparkle and silver. Cool coloured confetti.

Frosty Sparkle –

Silver is always a popular wedding colour and it’s stylishly Christmassy too. For instance, the easiest way to add a bit of a twinkle to your confetti mix is with Silver Delphinium Petals. These petals are sprayed with a florists’ spray, but they are still totally biodegradable.

Combine silver with cool blues, purples, whites and creams for a modern, glamorous look. These colours are a great alternative to Christmas reds and greens, but they certainly still look festive!

Silver Skeleton Leaves will add wintry elegance and interest to your confetti mix. Moreover, they are a great way to decorate aisles and pathways, table settings and place cards.

You can add glittery decorations to your confetti baskets for more personalisation and extra sparkle!

Rich and Warming –

Rich merlot, purples, burgundy and gold are wonderful wedding confetti colours for a winter wedding.

Warm colours and rich hues can look really Christmassy, and offer a subtler palette than bright reds and greens. As a result, they will help you create a really cosy atmosphere.

Standing around outside, huddled up, waiting for the confetti throw, a handful of vibrant confetti colours will help keep your guests cheerful!

Our music paper confetti cones are reminiscent of carol sheets, and therefore work nicely with Christmas wedding confetti. If you’re lucky your guests may even burst into song!

Thick velvet wired ribbons and rustic tree decorations are a lovely way to decorate your confetti baskets or boxes.

Christmas Wedding Confetti - rich and warm coloured confetti.

Confetti Snow

We get a lot of requests for confetti “snow” at winter weddings. It’s possibly the best christmas wedding confetti idea of them all!

There are a few options available (see our White and Cream Petals here), but we think it’s all about lots of Ivory Delphinium Petals.

Ivory Delphiniums are pretty little petals that are so light and floaty they will hang in the air like bit fat flakes of snow! There are hundreds of petals to the handful, and as a result the air is filled with white and the snow like effect is magical! A wintry wonderland!

Christmas wedding confetti - ivory delphinium snow

We’ve shared lots more of our favourite ideas on Pinterest – Wonderful Winter Weddings

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Wishing you a merrily-ever-after!

Love from The Petal People x

Written 10/12/2018