A fun filled confetti throw with rainbow delphinium petal confetti and purple wedding confetti cones

Why we love wedding confetti cones

Wedding Confetti Cones are awesome – they offer such a pretty and easy way to get wedding confetti petals to guests ready for the big confetti moment. You simply fill each one with a handful of petals, then place them in a basket or one of our special boxes. They stand ready to be taken by guests as they exit your venue. Alternatively, they can be handed around by a bridesmaid, friend or family member. Everyone has the perfect portion of petals ready for the throw!

Wedding Confetti Cone benefits –

Confetti Cones are much easier than a loose handful of petals. For example, you can ask someone else to hold a cone whilst you rummage in your handbag for your phone!

They also enable you to divide the confetti petals up fairly, to make sure everyone gets involved. You won’t run out of confetti if people taking big greedy grabs. Similarly, you won’t end up with leftovers that you could have enjoyed.

Wedding Confetti Cones allow you to add more colour and personality to the magical moment. Our bespoke Photo Cones are fabulous fun! And, furthermore, personalised confetti cones are a great keepsake – don’t forget to add one to your wedding album!

Most importantly, our confetti cones are recyclable in the household paper collection.

A Biodegradable Confetti Moment with Rainbow Rose Petal Confetti and wedding confetti cones. A bride and groom and grinning under a sky full of rose petals.

Need to know:

All our Wedding Confetti Cones are sold empty in Packs of 10 and cost £12.50.

You will need to buy 1 x 10 Handful Bag of Petals to fill 10 Cones.

Your Confetti Cones will arrive assembled – simply place a handful of petals in each cone. We usually suggest giving this job to a bridesmaid or your mum/mother-in-law. It can be done the evening before the wedding, or perhaps in the morning, if there’s time!

Our Confetti Cones handmade to order, just for you. Therefore, they are unsuitable for Next Day Deliveries. But we do hold some items in stock, so if you need them tomorrow, please give us a call to check.

We recommend our Delphiniums & Wildflowers or Small Natural Rose Petals as the best wedding petals for your confetti cones – both will sit prettily in the cones and both flutter really well for the big moment!

Baskets and Boxes – a guide to quantities:

We offer three different wedding baskets and a specially designed cone stand you can use to display your confetti cones. All are available with or without a ribbon decorated handle. Take a look…

Baskets are very traditional and are often used in place of a posy for bridesmaids or flower girls. They can be personalised with flowers, bows and embellishments. Our white cone stand is simple and a little more contemporary.

Small White Rectangular Basket – HOLDS 10 CONES – measures L 25cm x W 10cm x H 10cm (H 25cm incl. handle)

Oval Basket – HOLDS 20 CONES – measures L 25cm x W 21cm x H 10cm (H 23cm incl. handle)

Rectangular Basket – HOLDS 20 CONES – measures L 26cm x W 20cm x H 12cm (H 31cm incl. handle)

White Cone Stand – HOLDS 20 CONES – measures L 30cm x W 20cm x H 7cm

(Our Deep Oval Basket is not suitable for Confetti Cones – it’s too deep!)

Two confetti cone trays of purple wedding confetti cones filled with alternating purple and raspberry delphinium petals. The trays sit on the path leading up to the church porch, ready for the confetti moment.

“So how do I choose?!”

You know you want confetti cones – so you are half way there. You’re already a step ahead of our Quick Start Guide, but you might find it helpful to take a quick look. Otherwise…

Option one – First, choose your favourite cones from our range. Next, think about which petals and colours will look best in those cones. You can take a peek at our Colour Chart here.

Option two – Find your perfect petal mix. Then decide which of our confetti cones will work best with your choice. Sometimes a neutral cone will let the petals shine, but sometimes choosing a colourful cone will add real zing to your petal blend!

Different colours and textures of cone can transform the look of your confetti. For example, simple Ivory Parchment Paper Cones will create a very different look and style to bright and bold Love Paper Cones – even with the same petals inside.

Find plenty more inspiration on our Pinterest Board.

If you are looking for more guidance as to when and where to have your confetti moment, please read our post on Organising your Confetti Moment.

Red Rose Petals in wedding confetti cones printed all over with red words Love Love Love
Three personalised wedding confetti cones - one translucent ivory paper, one translucent white paper and one solid white paper. All are printed with the happy couple's names and wedding date.

Wedding Day Confetti Cones are our most popular design!

Personalised Wedding Confetti Cones

Certainly, it is a lovely touch to add your names and wedding date onto your Confetti Cones. This makes the whole moment just a little bit more special. Our Personalised Confetti Cones are available in different styles and colour options, so there is sure to be something to suit you!

Our Photo Confetti Cone Service!

Don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect Confetti Cones for your big day – send us your favourite photo and we can put it on your confetti cones. Whether you go for an engagement photo, a snap of the two of you on holiday, or even something funny, your guests will love the personal touch. This service is available at no extra cost, so why not get creative?

Three different wedding confetti photo cones. Each has a photograph printed on it in a repeating design.

Photo Cones are totally unique to your wedding day!

In conclusion, as well as offering a helpful way to distribute wedding confetti, we think Wedding Confetti Cones offer you a chance to really put your personalities on your confetti moment. It’s a once in lifetime moment so enjoy it!

If you need more guidance please get in touch – email us at info@confettidirect.co.uk or call 01386 555045 – we’re here to help.

With love from The Petal People xxx

Written 10/01/2022