Merry Christmas 2021!

It’s beginning to look a little bit like Christmas 😊 Because we have launched our collection of natural Christmas letterbox gifts! Our popular boxes of Mistletoe Kisses and Holly Hugs are back to help you spread some festive cheer to friends and family. Take a look HERE.

Natural Christmas Gifts by post

Mistletoe Kisses, Holly Hugs and Holly & Ivy hanging decorations are our meaningful natural gifts that we’ll send direct to your loved one and it will fit through the letterbox. Send some love and festive cheer without the plastic and without adding anymore “stuff” into their lives.

holly, ivy and mistletoe

Inspired by nature

Mistletoe is famous as a good luck kissing plant! We are lucky to have lots of old orchards across the Wyke Manor Estate. And many of these beautiful apple and pear trees are all full of mistletoe! Worcestershire is one of the few places in the UK where this festive plant is in abundance. Why not send some love to a special friend or to family that you can’t meet up with this Christmas? They can hang the sprig or mistletoe above the doorway and claim a kiss from anyone stood underneath it. Mistletoe also symbolises good luck and can be left hanging in the home to protect your loved one throughout the coming year.

And we just couldn’t resist the idea of a bright and beautiful holly hug! The alliteration was just too good… We are nurturing a new holly plantation on the farm. Holly’s shiny leaves and red berries are a cheerful Christmas decoration you can send to a loved one to brighten their home. Evergreen holly helps remind us that life flourishes even in the difficulties of midwinter. It is a wonderful symbol of hope and strength in these strange times. Our Holly Hugs should also ward off any mischievous spirits! The prickles are said to catch any bad luck.

Holly and Ivy is a pairing made famous by the jolly Christmas carol. Ivy grows up and over other plants, becoming intertwined with them. That is to say, it needs support as it grows. Therefore, this gift is a lovely way to symbolise your support of a loved one. Also, Ancient Celts brought evergreens indoors to provide a haven for woodland spirits through the winter months. Certainly, ivy is thought to ward off misfortune and bring protection and luck.

orchards full of mistletoe and sheep on the Wyke Manor Estate
wyke manor estate - bridge meadow in the snow
a holly bush

New for 2021 – Confetti Baubles!

We have also launched a brand new product just in time for Christmas – a lovely bespoke bauble with a sprinkling of our pretty homegrown confetti petals!

You can choose your petals and we’ll add them into the bauble, which is a perfect gift for newly weds: Recreate the petals they used on their wedding day!

It is also ideal for Confetti Flower Field fans – create a colourful mix to remind them of your flower filled summer here on the Wyke Manor Estate.

Gift Vouchers

Don’t forget we now also offer gift vouchers. They are a lovely way to invite someone along to our Confetti Flower Field next summer! They can be used on our website as soon as tickets are released next June. (Ideal for newly engaged couples too!!)

confetti bauble

Christmas Opening Hours –

We’ll be closing the Confetti Office for the holidays on Thursday 23rd December 2021. But, most importantly, the last posting dates for confetti orders is Monday 20th December, and for pre-ordered Christmas gifts it is Tuesday 21st December. We will open up again for the new year on January 4th 2022.

Wishing you a wonderful time!

With love from The Petal People xxx

Written 06/12/2021