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Autumn is a time to review things for us here at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company.

Autumn can be thought of as a time to wind down, and slow down into winter. However, for many people it’s super hectic as schools restart and routines re-establish. Here at Wyke Manor we have our annual stock take and then planning (and planting!) for the coming year on the farm. It can feel like we’re on a whirling treadmill straight back into next summer… So it’s important to look back, celebrate our successes and, most importantly, learn from any issues and problems.

celebration petals- real flower petal confetti
Penny with a bowl of bespoke confetti petals

Summer 2021 was a huge one for us!

Most importantly, wonderfully and joyfully, weddings returned! Confetti orders abounded and we packed petals from morning through until night! It was great fun, hard work and above all heart-warming to know that our petals were going back out to spread love and celebrate new marriages! The hopeful hashtags of 2020 #youcantcancellove #whataboutweddings #lovewillwin all proved themselves true as so many of you finally got your two, three or sometimes four times rearranged big day.

Confetti Fields 2032

Our Confetti Flower Field was open to the public in late June through to the 4th July.

A cold and wet June with not nearly enough sunshine meant that we were all doing sun dances and salutations to bring the flowers into bloom. They were slower to open and fully bloom but they were tall and strong and so elegant. My, my how we had missed them! It was our first flower field event with rainy days, but you troupers all came along to enjoy the beauty despite the weather. We usually fuss over our lovely flower field staff with sun hats and sun cream and umbrellas for shade, but this year it was wellies and waterproofs all round! Not all that surprisingly no one bought many ice creams… But Little Rainbow Bakes’ cookies were a massive hit!

Confetti Fields 2032
A really tall sunflower, 2021, The Sunflower Field, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Worcestershire

Smiling sunflowers!

We had planted and planned for a separate Sunflower Field in early August, but you know what they say (best laid plans…) and more dull, wet weather meant that the sunflowers were growing tall but showing no signs of flowering. Our open event was postponed four times before we finally opened the amazing smiling yellow field to you all on 24th August! It was spectacular to see such a huge field of sunflowers. So uplifting! We adored just wandering through the rows, meeting all the faces and characters and we even named a few!

Sunflowers in Worcestershire - the real flower peta confetti company in 2021

Many thanks to all of you who came along to the flower fields and helped to create such lovely events.

We are so happy to share the beautiful flowers and it’s magical to see your joyful photos and receive such kind messages and feedback.

The Sunflower Field event is unlikely to become an annual occurrence.

We rotate all our crops around the farm, and it will depend on what we are growing as to whether we can plant a field of sunflowers. Please be sure to follow us on social media for all the news and updates!

So here’s to a fabulous summer 2021 – congratulations to all of you who finally tied the knot (don’t forget to send us your confetti photos!) and we wish you lots of love and very happy marriages!

Wishing you a wonderful autumn season.

Take care,

x The Petal People x

Wyke Manor Estate, Wick, Worcestershire.

Written 01/10/2021

Sunflowers in Worcestershire - the real flower peta confetti company in 2021