We are very pleased to announce that our 2022 Confetti Photo Competition Winners are Lucy & Stefan!

The winning confetti moment photo 2022 shows a bride and groom walking out of their wedding venue into a cloud of real flower petal confetti. Women in green bridesmaid dresses stand to their left, and other wedding guests to their right. the bride holds a large bouquet of dark purple flowers. Everyone is smiling happily.

“We are so pleased with our confetti shot!!”

Mr & Mrs Kemp got married on the 7th October 2022, at the lovely Clock Barn in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Their wonderful photo was taken by Neale James.

We chose this as our winning image because love how the confetti petals really fill the picture, and how their happiness shines through. The most successful confetti photos are those that successfully capture that newlywed excitement, joy, love and the all-encompassing thrill of having just married… A moment in time to treasure forever.

Lucy said – “We love the photo. It was the one shot I was quite nervous about getting, but it’s turned out great!” We agree!

The Confetti Petals

They chose Purple and Ivory Delphiniums with Tudor Wildflowers because “they worked perfectly with our theme.” And we love how the confetti colours in the photography really pop!

A pile of Purple Delphinium Confetti
A pile of Ivory Delphinium Confetti
A pile of Tudor Pink Wildflower Confetti

There were a lot of excellent confetti photos this year. So, we found it really hard to pick the winner! Some of our shortlisted photographs are in the gallery at the bottom of the page. They showcase some great ideas for you, for example, how you might organise your confetti moment. Most importantly, they also illustrate how different types of petals look when they are thrown.

Our best advice for getting a perfect picture is to talk to your photographer about what you’d like to achieve. Firstly, would you like a big group shot, or something more intimate? Moreover, do you have the time and space to organise all your guests or are you happier with a more relaxed image? And, in addition, do you have a fabulous location you can utilise as the backdrop for your image? For example, these photographers have framed their pictures with lovely doorways, gardens and lych gates.

You can read lots more great advice for getting a champagne worthy photo in this blog post – How to… Get the Perfect Confetti Photo.

You can share your photos!

Please share your confetti photos with us. You might win the case of champagne next Christmas! Please take a look at the details on our Photo Competition Page and we’ll enter you into our annual contest.

Get some more inspiration from our Pinterest Board – Confetti Moments.

With lots of love from The Petal People x

Written 05/12/2022