We love a confetti photo – obviously! We run an annual competition to find the Perfect Confetti Photograph… and it’s wonderful to see all your happy pictures. Consequently, we’ve seen a fair few over the years. So we wanted to share our knowledge and the wisdom to help you get your own fabulous photo!

We think that the best pictures are the ones where the love and happiness really shines through. In other words, you can see the emotion of the whole day captured in one moment. The confetti throw marks the completion of the formal ceremony and therefore the start of the marriage, the celebrations, and the party! It’s a newlywed moment you’ll only experience once, and a great photographer can encapsulate that all in one confetti photo.

We loved the petals, the colours were just fab, and walking out of the church as the new Mr & Mrs Robinson!

We used the photo on our thank you cards as we look very happy in it.” Sarah & Phil, Confetti Moment Competition Winners 2018. They chose Rainbow Rose Petals.

A bride and groom are walking out of the church door and they are being showered with multicoloured rose petal confetti. This is the Perfect Confetti Moment Photo Competition Winner 2018

Don’t worry if that sounds like a lot of pressure! We’ll outline a few tricks and ideas we’ve learnt to help you with organising the throw, composing the picture, and framing the shot. That is to say, it’s actually quite simple to create a wonderful picture to treasure forever…

Things to think about

Most importantly, we’d recommend you choose to throw our Delphinium & Wildflower Petals or Rose Petals. These are the lightest and floatiest petal options. We guarantee they will look lovely in your pictures! Pick your favourite colours and create a Bespoke Mix. Or choose the pre-mixed colour combination that you love best. “How much do I need?” is a question we get asked a lot: Certainly, if you have the space and the budget available to include all your guests, then do.

Secondly, you should talk through your confetti photo plans with your photographer. They will have ideas of their own, and their experience will help you, for instance, find the best spot at your venue to take the picture.

Finally, it’s wise to nominate a friend, family member or a bridesmaid to organise the confetti moment. For example, they can make sure your guests have petals ready for the throw, tell people where to stand and what will happen. And your photographer will appreciate the assistance.

The Confetti Kiss

Perhaps the best way to encapsulate your love. This is an image that will stand the test of time. You can surround yourself with your friends and family, and a flurry of flower petals will fall over your heads. Beautiful!

It’s a simple one for your photographer to arrange. In addition, with a multiple exposure button you stand a great chance of getting that brilliant picture. For more on Confetti Kisses picture – jump HERE.

Frame your Photo

A good backdrop can be the making of the image. A talented photographer will know this. They should take the opportunity to look at your venue, so they can help you find the best place for the confetti throw to take place. The most natural location is the doorway out of the ceremony venue. Doorways, archways, porches and steps all provide lovely frames to your image.

What a Line-up

Taking a little time to arrange the guests can make a world of difference to your picture. A simple line of friends and family means that the confetti throw will last longer. (It continues down the row as you walk by.) So your photographer has more chances to get that perfect shot. And you’ll have more fun!


This is a simple trick to secure a lovely photo. Arranging your guests on steps will add instant height and depth to your picture. Steps allow your photographer to fit a lot more happy faces into the image. Therefore, this is a great choice if you’re having a larger wedding!

Circle of Friends

A circle of guests around the happy couple can make for a very effective photo. You’ll literally be surrounded by love! The photographer can play with angles and heights. This arrangement of people looks especially good from above. (Ask for a step ladder!)

Confetti Close-up

The most intimate of confetti photos can also be the most beautiful. In other words, it’s all about the emotion on the happy couple’s faces.

It requires a little bit of luck to capture the right moment. So this shot is probably hardest for your photographer to achieve. Moreover, remember that the bigger the confetti petal, the more chance there is of it obscuring your features in the photo.

Black & White

Confetti might be all about colour, but in a black and white image your happiness really stands out.

Black & White doesn’t date so quickly, and therefore the image will sit happily on your mantlepiece for the next 50 years!

The Big Group Shot

Sometimes bigger is just better! That is to say, the confetti throw is a great way to get a picture of all your guests togther.

If you have a wedding of over 150 people, this probably isn’t a feasible option. (That’s a lot of people to arrange, and most of them will be throwing the petals over each other!) However, a big group confetti photo creates a great atmosphere and looks amazing.

Why not take a look at our Real Weddings Gallery – even more lovely ideas to inspire your confetti photo…

We have hundreds of confetti photos, and so we’ve gathered together more of the best in our Real Weddings Gallery.

When you are scrolling be sure to look at how photographer’s have captured, for instance, different angles and heights. See how they have caught the petals in light. Likewise, look at how the best pictures focus on the happy couple, whilst also including the venue in the background… There are all sorts of clever ways to tell a story in your confetti photo.

Ready, steady, throw!

A photo of a bride and groom during their confetti moment, with overlaid text that reads - More Real Wedding Photos.

Checklist for guests – confetti throwing tips…

  • Throw your petals high up in the air – as a result, you’ll maximise the fall and the flutter.

  • Are you stood by a little child? Hold them up and tell them when to throw the petals – they’ll love it and the picture will look super cute!

  • If the confetti moment is arranged in a long line, wait until the couple are two steps away from you to throw your petals. Consequently, they will step into your falling confetti.

  • Confetti Cones are great for helping you to fling your petals high into the air. If you have a Confetti Bag or Envelope of petals then we’d recommend you empty it out into the palm of your hand and wait for the moment to throw.

  • If you don’t want to get covered in petals then work out which way the wind is blowing!

  • Don’t spoil the background of the picture by holding up your camera phone. In other words, if you want to get a picture too, you should stand behind the official photographer. (But be careful if they are walking backwards…!)

  • Are you holding a glass of champagne too? PUT IT DOWN!

  • Remember you’re also in the photograph – smile!

Have you now got an image in your mind of your confetti photo?!

We hope we have set you thinking… So, if you’re ready to get shopping, why not check out our How to Guide – where to start with your wedding confetti.

You can see some of our past “Perfect Confetti Photo” competition winners here 2019 and here 2022.

And for more inspirational confetti moments check out our dedicated Pinterest Board.

Finally… the very best tip we can give you, to ensure your photo is beautiful, is to just enjoy the moment! There can be a tendency to close your eyes and screw up your face. But the petals won’t hurt you! It’s one of life’s very best experiences. Therefore, open your eyes, smile and soak up the joyous moment!

Love from The Petal People x

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All photographs by or with permission: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Written 09/04/2019