A bride and groom sharing confetti kisses framed in a white heart.

Confetti Kisses – a magical wedding day moment

Your confetti kiss is a quintessential wedding day experience that you won’t want to miss! And, most importantly, the picture will sit in pride of place on your walls for years to come. It is a classic image that will stand the test of time. Just love and a sky full of petals – magical!

Our flower petals are natural and totally biodegradable. They are all light and floaty and they come in a huge range of lovely colours. You are sure to find something you love in our collections. However, we’d recommend our Delphinium and Wildflower petals as the very best wedding confetti. They are homegrown here on our farm, therefore they are an incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable choice!

Organising your confetti throw

As confetti photos go, confetti kisses will give your photographer plenty of chance to capture the perfect shot. Certainly, if they have a multiple exposure button – where they can get lots of shots of one moment – that will help! The more frames that can be taken, the more chance you have to get that perfect picture. Take luck out of the equation!

Ask someone in your wedding party to help manage the confetti moment. They can give out the petals and tell people what’s going to happen. That will really help your photographer. A top tip would be to stagger the throwing of the petals. You could, for example, get the ladies to throw first and the men a couple of seconds later. Your organiser or your photographer can shout instructions. This will extend the confetti moment, which will be more fun all round!

A bride and groom sharing Confetti Kisses in a Beetle car! They are surrounded by their wedding guests throwing real flower petal confetti.
A bride and groom share a confetti kiss as they walk through an avenue of wedding guests. The sky is full of flower petals.
A confetti kiss between a bride and groom which was the winning "Best Confetti Moment" photo in 2017. The happy couple are surrounded by their wedding guests and ivory petals fill eth air. It is night time and a lamp glows warmly in the background of the image.

You have plenty of options:

  • You can choose an intimate close-up photo. Just the two of you in the frame, with plenty of petals falling around you.

  • Alternatively, the picture can be your chance to get that big group shot of your whole wedding party. For example, you can arrange everyone on steps and throw the confetti high!

  • Another lovely idea is to utilise a pretty feature from your venue or gardens to provide the backdrop of your photo. Perhaps there is a great doorway, balcony or staircase you could use?

There are lots more ideas on our Confetti Photos blog. It is a very helpful resource if you are a bit stuck for how to create your confetti moment.

Confetti Kisses under a flower archway. Wedding guests surround the bride and groom and fill the air with rose petal confetti.
A photo of a traditional confetti kiss between bride and groom. Wedding guests stand behind and above them and throw white petal confetti over the pair.
A photo of a bride and groom sharing Confetti Kisses under red rose petals. The bride wears a red sari and the groom wears a morning suit. Wedding guests are standing behind them and throw the confetti into the air.

Above all, if you only remember one tip, let it be – relax and enjoy the moment. So, forget about the camera, simply kiss your new husband or wife and delight in the magical experience!

If you are now ready to get confetti shopping – read our quick Where to Start Guide.

With love from The Petal People xxx

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Written 09/02/2022

In a striking image the kissing bride and groom stand in the middle of a line of bridesmaids and ushers who are throwing petal confetti hight into the air. The sun is setting and you can see eth Malvern Hills in the background.