Flower Confetti! The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that we’ve launched a new petal option… Delphinium Flowers joined our range! It is a lovely option to mix and match within our Delphiniums & Wildflowers collection. Certainly, they are very pretty, but what else do you need to know about these new confetti petals?

Complete flower heads

We handpick our Delphinium Flower Confetti in a different way to our delphinium petals. Each tall delphinium bloom is a spike covered in many individual flowers. We usually strip the spike of just the mature petals. However, our new Delphinium Flowers are the whole little flower. As a result, you get that pretty flower shape and form and a bigger hit of the beautiful colour!

colourful delphinium flower spikes

More choice and colour

We are thrilled that this new confetti has brought our gorgeous Azure Blue shade back! A stunning colour that mixes well with so many other options to create soft blue blends. Take a look at this pre-mixed confetti…

Add texture to your bespoke flower confetti mix

Delphinium Flowers are a great way to add interest to your confetti mix. Their pretty shape looks great with delphinium petals and wildflowers too.

Firstly, you could use them to contrast with a main delphinium petal background. Perhaps… Ivory Delphinium Petals with Raspberry & Pale Pink Delphinium Flowers.

Pale Pink & Raspberry Delphinium Flowers Confetti with Ivory Petals
A small pile of Raspberry Delphinium Petals & Flowers

Alternatively, you could choose the same colours of petals and flowers and enjoy the added texture. This combination of Raspberry Delphinium Petals and Flowers is just beautiful.

Similarly, creating a multicoloured mix with different textures (say a petal colour, a flower colour and a wildflower colour) can look wonderful!

The choices are all yours 😊

Ivory Delphinium Petals, Raspberry Delphinium Flowers and Bluebell Wildflowers

A great place to start creating your own bespoke confetti is our Sample Service! You can choose up to 8 petals and have a play around with them to find your favourite combination.

An eco-friendly choice

Our Delphinium Flowers are home grown on our farm, handpicked and, most importantly, naturally dried. They are transported less than a mile back to our packing office. We then mix them up for you by hand!

By choosing our Delphinium Flowers you are shopping greenly, sustainably and supporting British farming and local jobs.

Thank you!

confetti flower field mix picking delphiniums

Add a bigger splash of colour

Some of our couples are looking for a real splash of colour and impact in their confetti photo. We usually advise choosing our Small Natural Rose Petals, for example, if you want this effect. But now with Delphinium Flower Confetti you can have that same impact! They are bigger than delphinium petals, and consequently Delphinium Flowers will bring that hit of colour to your confetti moment.

Five stripes of different coloured delphinium flowers.

Great wedding decorations

Delphinium Flowers are a lovely addition to your wedding breakfast tables. What could be nicer than a scattering of flowers across the tablecloth? And because they are dried, they won’t wilt or fade like fresh flowers.

Delphinium Flowers are totally natural and biodegradable, so they are a lovely eco-friendly way to decorate your big day.

Perfect for flower girls

In the same vein, scattering Delphinium Flowers down the wedding aisle can add a beautiful sprinkling of colour to the wedding ceremony. You can line the aisle with Delphinium Flowers ahead of time. On the other hand you could ask a flower girl to scatter flowers in front of the bride. The bigger Delphinium Flowers might also be easier than loose petals for little hands. Above all, it will look adorable!

So, have we convinced you that Delphinium Flowers are a brilliant choice!? We hope so!

If you’d like some help and advice you can email us – info@confettidirect.co.uk or give us a call on 01386 555045. We spend all day playing with the petals so we know how they will work with one another!

With lots of love from The Petal People xxx

Written 02/03/2022