sunflower field photos
sunflower field photos

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Visit The Sunflowers on The Wyke Manor Estate – 24th to 30th August 2021!

We are pleased to confirm that our field of sunflowers will be open for you to come and enjoy from 24th – 30th August! Walk through the tall blooms, take some happy photos and soak up their joyful colour!

The sunflowers are currently at about 50% bloom. The forecast is rather grey here for the next few days, so we expect them to continue to open up quite slowly and be ready and happy to see you all next week!

Tickets will be on sale soon

We will release admission for you to buy later this week. We are currently trying to put a few new steps in place to help with the surge of web traffic that we receive. Hopefully, this will come together and make the user experience a lot better.

You can read our visiting information page to help you plan your trip HERE.

Please keep an eye on our website or follow us on social media to hear the Sunflower News!

Thank you x The Petal People x

Important Information to Note:

There will be a 250m walk from the carparking field to the sunflower field.

There will NOT be a café in The Sunflower Field. You are welcome to bring a picnic.

Sunflowers will be available to buy from our flower stall.

the sunflower field on the wyke manor estate

The Sunflower Field on 16th August 2021