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Hydrangea Petal Confetti

Hydrangea Petal Confetti is a wonderful choice for your wedding day! These petals are 100% natural and biodegradable, and freeze dried.

Hydrangeas are available in four beautiful, delicate, colours. You can blend the colours anyway you like to create your own bespoke confetti for any of the packaging options below. Or you can choose from one of our popular pre-mixes.

Hydrangea Petal Confetti is made up of clusters and loose petals. The clusters look like little flower heads. As a result, the confetti is light and floaty, but your bag is also full of texture and floral forms. Consequently, hydrangeas are very pretty and really popular with our couples.

Because hydrangea petal clusters are quite big, you don’t get very many per handful. Consequently, we don’t recommend these petals for putting in confetti cones. Nor do we offer them in sachets. Please look at our Small Natural Rose Petals as a lovely alternative.

Hydrangeas are also perfect for flower girls to scatter down the aisle, and for decorating your big day! Certainly, they look so lovely scattered across wedding breakfast tables and down the sides of the aisle.

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