Flower Petal Confetti - Penny's Petals - Blackberry Twist

Flower Petal Confetti Special Offer – created by Penny – “Blackberry Twist”

We’re pleased to present a brand-new confetti mix – created by the newest member of Team Confetti – Penny Aston! Above all, it’s a wonderful colour blend, but the more unusual choice of shades means that it’s a great option for those looking for something a little different!

The mix – Blackberry Wildflower Petals with Ivory and Pale Pink Delphinium Petals

Penny created this limited edition mix around our striking Blackberry Flower Petals. That is to say, the lovely dark colour really caught her eye. She could see they would really add a kick to a confetti blend. Paired with light, pale colours, Blackberry provides a fabulous contrast and certainly add drama! But most importantly, the dark and light petals mean that this confetti will contrast with both dark and light backgrounds: Therefore it is sure to look brilliant in your photos.

Flower Petal Confetti - Penny's Petals - Blackberry Twist
Blackberry wildflower confetti

The Details:

  • This offer is for 40 Handfuls of flower petals. To clarify, this is enough throwing confetti for 40 guests.

  • 40 Handfuls is 4 pints of petals by measure. Therefore, you will receive 4 bags measuring 24cm by 16cm.

  • The price is just £38.00 – so it gives you a saving of £10.00 off the full price!

  • This real flower petal confetti is 100% natural and biodegradable.

  • Penny’s Petals were all home grown and handpicked on the Wyke Manor Estate, our Worcestershire farm. The petals are naturally air dried. In addition, we transport them less than a mile back to our packing office. Consequently, this is very eco-friendly wedding confetti!

Size Information:

  • Delphinium confetti petals measure about 1 – 1.5cm round.

  • Wildflower confetti petals measure about 0.5 – 1cm long. Moreover, they are slightly fluffy!

  • These confetti petals are totally natural. Therefore, the shade of colour and size of the petals may sometimes slightly vary.

Flower Petal Care:

  • Penny’s Petals will keep at their best for 12 months.

  • Our petals are very easy to look after: Simply store them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Bespoke Confetti

Perhaps Penny’s creation has inspired you to create your own flower petal wedding blend? It’s great fun to create your own confetti! We have lots of ideas to inspire you. You could take a look at our Pinterest Board of Bespoke Mixes, for example. Our Instagram is also a great place to see clever ideas. After that, you should hop over to our Bespoke Confetti Shop.

Confetti Sample Service

Don’t forget, our Sample Service is a great way to start creating your bespoke mix. You can choose up to eight petals to see and feel. Then you can blend the samples together anyway you like, and as a result, you’ll have your very own confetti!

Happy shopping!

With love from The Petal People x

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

Written 18/02/2020

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