Funeral Petals: Our beautiful, biodegradable real flower petals are not just for wedding confetti…

Funeral Petals – Many people are choosing to mark important life events with biodegradable petal decorations.

Certainly, our flower petals offer a lovely alternative to mass produced paper or plastic decorations. They biodegrade completely, leaving no mess or waste.

The beauty and, in addition, the symbolism, of flowers, really enhance a service, ceremony or party.

Your Guide to Funeral Petals

We’ve put together this short guide to help you with your options when choosing funeral petals. It is an extremely personal decision, and above all, there are no rights or wrongs: Follow your heart and go for the petals that you think best represent your loved one…

rose memorial petals

Make your romantic celebration or marriage proposal extra special with flower petals!

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Baby Showers, Gender Reveals and Christenings – confetti petals to make a statement for the baby.

A beautiful gesture

The act of scattering flower petals at a funeral or memorial service is a lovely way to say goodbye. The traditional gesture of dropping soil onto the coffin holds meanings in many faiths. It is a significant way for us all to connect to the act of burial. However, many people decide to scatter flower petals as a gentler alternative. Real flower petals float lightly. As a result, our funeral petals do not make a sound when they land on the coffin. This can make the experience a little easier. You also have the option to add a splash of colour to the moment, which can be very meaningful and emotive.

In addition, funeral petals provide a beautiful way to honour to your loved one. You can release them to the winds at a burial at sea, or when scattering ashes in a favourite place. Similarly, friends and family can all throw them high into the sky together, in celebration of a life well lived. They can help us to let go and pay tribute to the person we have lost.

The natural choice

Most importantly, our funeral petals are all 100% natural and biodegradable. That is to say, they will simply fade away like blossom, and not leave behind any mess or litter.

Our home-grown petals are small and light and fluttery. Delphiniums are a traditional cottage garden bloom, and therefore, a favourite flower of many people. They are tall and graceful. They are symbolic of lightness, joy, positivity, and cheerfulness. These are beautiful qualities to celebrate in a memorial service. Furthermore, they are the birth flower of July, so they could be perfect for a service for someone who was born or died in July.

Most importantly, you might choose our delphiniums as funeral petals if you’ve visited and loved our Confetti Flower Field. They can evoke happy memories of summer outings to our colourful field.

100% British, Natural and Biodegradable

Our Delphinium Petals have all been grown on the Wyke Manor Estate in Worcestershire. Consequently, they are our most sustainable and eco-friendly petals. And, of course, they are completely natural and 100% biodegradable. We handpick every petal and naturally dry them in the sunshine and fresh air. As a result, these are the highest quality petals you can buy. The petals travel less than a mile to our packing office to be mixed by hand and dispatched.

Delphinium Funeral Petals are available in a range of natural colours, in single shades or a mix of colours. In addition, Delphinium Flowers are pretty little flower heads, picked whole, rather than just as petals. They are a little bit bigger than petals, and have the prettiness of a flower head.

Roses are the loveliest of flowers. They are full of meaning for many people, with emotional connections and significant memories. Above all, rose petals are a well-known symbol of love. However, the colours of the roses are significant too. For example, red roses embody romantic love, and a yellow rose signifies friendship. Furthermore, white roses stand for purity and goodness, pink for femininity and motherhood.

Our Funeral Rose Petals are available in range of pretty natural shades and blends. If you wish to add a good amount of colour to the occasion, then we would recommend these petals as the best choice.

Two types of Natural Rose Petals

Most importantly, our rose petals are totally natural and biodegradable. We have two different collections – Small Natural Roses and Large Natural Roses. They obviously differ slightly in size, but the large petals have also retained their natural curl. They are both freeze-dried, which means that they are easy to store, and you don’t need to worry about them wilting or withering like a fresh flower petal.

Hydrangea Funeral Petals are pretty and delicate and look like little flower heads. Hydrangeas are said to symbolise sincerity and gratitude. Consequently, this makes them perfect memorial petals. Moreover, they are exceptionally light and they float and scatter very softly.

If you require a green or blue colour, hydrangeas are your best option. It is difficult to find these colours naturally in other types of flowers. You can choose a single colour or pick from selection of pretty blends of colours.

These petals are completely natural and biodegradable. They have been carefully freeze-dried, and, therefore, they will keep very well – you do not need to worry that they will wilt or wither like fresh flowers.

In terms of quantities we work in handfuls – it is the easiest way to work out how many funeral petals you require. How many people will be at the service? Or perhaps it is better to consider how many people you would like to be involved with the act of throwing or scattering petals? You may wish to include the entire congregation, or perhaps just close family is more appropriate for your occasion.

If you would like to place memorial petals in a basket (see our collection HERE) or box or bowl that can be passed around the mourners, then select the 10 Handful Bag. Simply order as many as you require. On the other hand, you may prefer individual packaging, one per person. These can be handed out with an order of service or placed in a convenient spot for people to pick up. The different packaging option are visible on the product pages.

Please note that you can, of course, choose any of the petal products or bespoke mixes from across our website. But we have put together these best options especially for funerals, memorials, and services of remembrance.

If you’d like more help and guidance please get in touch – 01386 555045 or email

With our very best wishes and condolences for your loss,

The Petal People x

Written 22/09/2022

A pink and purple sunset sky above the pink and purple flowers. Photo by Ian Vaux, 2014, The Confetti Flower Field, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, Worcestershire