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Small Weddings – covid secure – confetti tips and advice

Beautiful, natural biodegradable real flower petal wedding confetti.

Small weddings – intimate and beautiful. All of us here The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company want to help you make the most of your special day. Regardless of the enforced size of your celebrations. Therefore, we have created this lovely collection of wedding confetti products perfect for small weddings. The joyful celebration of the confetti throw is now all the more valuable! That is to say, it will give everyone the opportunity to express their love and good wishes at this time when we can’t hug and kiss the happy couple. In other words, the confetti throw has never been so important!

Most importantly, we want to help you keep everyone safe.

It is easy to have a safe, socially distanced confetti moment! We have always recommended that guests throw petals up, into the air, rather than at the couple: It creates that fabulously fluttery effect! Consequently, it will all still work well with a two metres distance.

Above all, do not pass bags or baskets of confetti petals amongst your guests if they come from different households. We highly recommend choosing individual packages of confetti. It’s even possible to throw the confetti directly out of the packaging without touching the petals! In addition, confetti bags, sachets or envelopes can be left on seats with the order of service ahead of the ceremony.

On the other hand, if your guests are all from one household group or bubble they can share a 10 Handful Bag of Confetti Petals. So that means you can take advantage of some of our great special offer petal mixes! We’ve adjusted all our offers to be more suitable for small weddings. Take a look…

Don’t forget that our petals have lots of other uses besides confetti throwing. You can create pathways and decorations with scatterings of eco-friendly and biodegradable flower petals. And having a small celebration makes this easier to achieve!

If you have any confetti questions or concerns please get in touch. We are here to help!

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