Rose Petals for your wedding day – a guide to choosing your rose petals…

Rose Petals – roses symbolise love and romance and therefore many people think of them as the quintessential wedding flower. We don’t grow roses commercially on the confetti farm here in Worcestershire, but we do have lots of lovely roses blooming here in the summer time. Wyke Manor and our Confetti Office are covered in beautiful climbing roses!

However, rose petals are a huge part of our confetti petal collection because marrying couples just love the romance of the roses. A traditional and romantic choice, beautiful, natural, delicate and fluttery rose petals will biodegrade quickly and easily and, most importantly, leave no mess behind after the confetti throw. And furthermore the larger petal size adds a wonderful splash of colour to your confetti photographs!

We have 3 different collections of rose petals available, and all sorts of colours, so there will certainly be something you love. We’ll explain the key details of each different range and, most importantly, show you some great photos to inspire your own confetti moment!

Rose Petals - roses on The Confetti Office, Wyke Manor Estate
Rose Petals - Confetti Bride & Groom
Rose Petals - Confetti Moment at Tintern Abbey
Rose Petals - a confetti kiss!

We recommend our Small Natural Rose Petals for throwing confetti.

Firstly, because they are light and fluttery and hang in the air nicely to maximise the confetti moment. Secondly, rose petals are bigger than our Delphinium & Wildflower petals and consequently they have more impact in your photographs.

In addition, they are also a great choice for scattering, decorating and creating paths and aisles (get some wedding aisle inspiration here!). Therefore you can use the same petal across the whole of your wedding day.

Small Natural Rose Petals are freeze-dried to preserve their natural colour and are 100% biodegradable. To clarify, they are real flower petals, totally natural and biodegradable and they will store for up to 4 months.


Confetti Colours:

You can combine colours in any way you like, to create your own special wedding confetti blend. You can mix up to three colours on our website, and we’ll mix them in equal parts. However, if you’d like to mix more colours, or you’d like a specific ratio, please give us a call and we will follow your instructions! All our petals are mixed by hand, to your requirements, so we can do anything you like.

If you’d like to mix rose petals with delphinium petals then you of course you can! The mixture creates different textures in the confetti and, as a result, can look wonderful! Please just give us a call – 01386 555045.

How much do I need?

We sell our petals by the handful, to make it easy for you to work out how much confetti you need. If you want loose petals in a basket or if you are filling confetti cones then buy as many 10 Handfuls Bags as you require. Alternatively, our Petal Bags, Sachets and Confetti Envelopes offer different ways for you to divide up the confetti and give it to wedding guests.

Confetti Photo Tip –

Contrast your confetti petals to your background and as a result they will really stand out in your photographs!

(For example, Cream Rose Petals look great against dark backgrounds like bricks)

Large Natural Rose Petals are great for decorations, petal aisles and centrepieces.

These petals have retained their natural curve and, as a result, they look like they have just fallen from the rose. But because they are freeze-dried, they will last much longer than a fresh petal and therefore they will look great throughout your whole wedding day.

Large Natural Rose Petals are not sold in any of our individual packaging options because they spoil the natural shape of the rose petals. We sell these rose petals in 10 Handfuls Bags and you can simply buy as many as you require. Please note that these petals are quite big – so consequently you don’t get very many petals per handful. Most importantly we do not generally recommend that they be used as throwing confetti because they are larger and, as a result, quite hard to throw!

Large Natural Rose Petals are freeze-dried to preserve their natural colour and are 100% biodegradable.


Our Coloured Roses are great for those who are looking for unusual colours and brighter, bolder colours.

For example, we have shades such as black and brown, blue and green, that are not often found in the garden! In addition, the dying process means the colour is uniform across all the petals. These petals also work well for pathways and decorating large areas. Moreover, they are available in a large 40 Handful Box at a reduced price!

Coloured Roses have been dyed. To clarify, these are real flower petals that have been preserved through a dying process. Therefore, they may leak colour if they are crushed, get wet or are exposed to high humidity. The petals are 100% biodegradable and will store for up to 12 months. We sell these petals in single colours only. However, you can mix them together yourself, and we would recommend doing this a day or two before the wedding.

Rose Petals will really add those special touches to your wedding day. When else do you get to be so all out romantic? (Oooh, maybe St. Valentine’s Day!)

If you are not convinced rose petals are for you, then read our post on Biodegradable Confetti – Delphiniums and Wildflowers.

Have fun!

Love from The Petal People x