Red rose petals are guaranteed to add romance to your St Valentine’s Day!

Firstly, whether you intend to simply sprinkle them or create some ingenious decorates, red rose petals will add glamour and a touch of decadence to your special plans. Moreover, red rose petals make the perfect St Valentine’s wedding confetti, and will make a flower girl scattering petals down the wedding aisle all the more adorable.

Need to know  –

  • Most importantly, these are 100% biodegradable real rose petals
  • Above all, our rose petals won’t wilt or fade like fresh petals. Our petals are dried or preserved, and consequently they will store well and keep for a minimum of 4 months. (In addition, our petals don’t require any special care. As a result, you can simply store them at room temperature and in a dry place out of direct sunlight.)
  • All petals cost £12.50 for a 10 handful Bag
  • We offer Next Day Delivery via Royal Mail and we can even deliver to your work or a co-conspirator if you are trying to keep your plans secret!

Here is our quick guide to buying your Red Rose Petals for St Valentine’s Day…

Red Rose Petals - romantic decorations
Petal Size Colour Preservation Details Suggestions
Small Rose Petals 1.5-3cm and flat Pure red, with paler tips and a darker reverse Freeze Dried Pretty petals that are light and fluttery. Lots of petals in a handful and ideal for throwing, sprinkling, scattering or decoration The best all round choice
Large Rose Petals Approx. 2- 4cm and curled Deep red, with soft yellow tips Freeze Dried Beautiful petals that look as if they have just fallen from the rose. Ideal for sprinkling, scattering or decoration To scatter over a bed you’ll need 30 handfuls
Coloured Rose Petals 1.5 – 2.5 cm and slightly rounded Vividly red, a uniform colour. Try ‘Burgundy’ if you require a deeper red colour Preserved and colour enhanced. (This petal is dyed.) Vividly coloured, soft petals. Lots of petals in a handful and available at a discounted price for 40 handfuls. Take care where scattering as they are dyed. Great for scattering over larger areas, and creating pathways.

Show you care

Make your special someone’s day that little bit more wonderful on the most romantic day of the year. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture – you can simply sprinkle a few rose petals onto your dining table. That is to say – whether you are whisking away your loved one on a romantic weekend break, or you want to make Thursday night dinner a little more special – our petals can help! Above all, it’s about showing you care through a little creativity and effort.

Red rose petals are symbolic of love, passion and romance – in short, that’s why they are the perfect gesture for St Valentine’s Day. But if you are looking for something a little more personal, pink petals, for example, symbolise sweetness and prettiness. On the other hand, cream petals are classy and elegant. But if you’re intending to make a friend feel fabulous – yellow petals signify friendship.

Popping the question

Most importantly, if you are planning a proposal, then red rose petals are essential! Go big, show you care, make a splash, create a romantic space or trail or even spell it out in rose petals! You know your loved one the best – be guided by what they love and will appreciate.

Quantity guidance

We are often asked about rose petals quantities for creating pathways and decorations. As a result, we have a handy “How much do I need?” guide, but here are a few more tips –

  • If you want to create lines and pathways, firstly look at our guidance for square meterage, and them simply slice it up long ways! For instance, if your pathway is 25cm wide, divide the guidance for a square meter by 4. You can then imagine setting it out in a long 4 metre line.
  • In addition, it might be helpful to think in terms of handfuls, as they can be easy to picture and relate to. We sell our petals in 10 Handful Bags, but remember that the bigger the petal, the less you get by number in a handful. For example, there are 30 Small Natural Rose Petals in a handful but only about 10 Large Natural Rose Petals.
  • If you are decorating a dining table think about how much other stuff will be on the table. They can often be quite crowed! Consequently, a 10 Handful Bag is usually plenty to achieve a romantic effect.
  • Planning on decorating a bed? We recommend 30 handfuls of Large Natural Rose Petals. This is enough to scatter prettily over a king-size bed.

Classic romantic gestures and inspiration from others…

There is also lots more inspiration on our Pinterest boards – Decorating With Petals and Petal Aisles & Wedding Paths.

We hope that this has helped your planning of a St Valentine’s Day treat. Do get in touch if you require further guidance – we are here to help!

Good luck and Happy St Valentine’s Day!

Lots of love from The Petal People x x x

Written 01/02/2019