Real Flower Petal Confetti Moment - Winter Weddings

Winter Covid-19 Update:

It’s pretty rare for us to update a blog post, but we felt that we should add a little prefix to this popular and helpful post, because so many more of you are planning winter weddings. And that planning is all in quite strange new circumstances. All our advice below stands strong but just a quick word about safety –

We believe that right now the joyful celebration of the confetti throw is all the more valuable! That is to say, it gives your guests the opportunity to express their love and good wishes at this time when we can’t hug and kiss the happy couple. But it is essential that we do this in a way that will keep everyone safe. Most importantly, we think it’s easy to have socially distanced confetti moment. Just stand two metres back, in a big circle or a line, and throw petals up – into the air – rather than straight at the couple. (This has long been our advice – it creates that fabulously fluttery effect!)

Precautions to take:

What is most important to consider is not passing bags or baskets of confetti petals amongst your guests if they come from different households. We suggest that you choose individual packages of confetti. It is even possible to throw the confetti directly out of the packaging without touching the petals! But crucially, confetti bags, sachets or envelopes can be left on seats with the order of service ahead of the ceremony. You should not create a hazard point where everyone gathers to get petals.

On the other hand, if your guests are all from one household group or bubble, they can share a 10 Handful Bag of Confetti Petals. And in this instance, we’d highly recommend that more is more! You only have a few guests so make sure there are lots of confetti petals to throw! Well, why not?!

Take a look at our new Small Weddings confetti shop for more ideas. Thank you, take care, look after each other x

Wonderful Winter Weddings! Ideas for the winter wedding season…

Winter weddings – certainly, winter is the quietest season for weddings. That is to say, our figures show that only about 10% of weddings take place between November and February. However, it can easily be the most beautiful season – especially if you’re lucky enough to get snow! The chances of getting real snow on an English winter wedding day are pretty slim, but Vanilla Twist Petal Confetti can do a pretty good job of recreating the snowy day feel for you!

Similarly, clear skies and frosty views can make for the most stunning photographs and provide a wonderful backdrop for your confetti moment!

A winter wedding is a great way to brighten up miserable November weekend or chilly January day. Your friends and family will love it! Moreover, you will probably get the pick of venues, caterers and photographers who are booked up in the summer for years ahead.

Christmas weddings can be the best! We have a dedicated Christmas Confetti Collection with the most festive mixes and colours right HERE.

Now is a great time to order your winter wedding confetti, so here’s a run through of the best ideas, colours and confetti combinations for your wintry big day!

Petal Confetti - Rainbow Small Natural Rose Petals confetti moment

Colour Palettes

The season need not dictate your colours at all, and in fact the best way to warm up a winter wedding day would be with bright and colourful décor and details. However, you can also choose to embrace the cool, muted and sometimes even sparkly hues of a winter’s day.

Natural themes:

Neutral colours and detailing like leaves, logs, branches and berries work really well in winter. In other words, when seasonal flowers are scarce, why not embrace the natural features that are abundant? It’s much more sustainable than airfreighted blooms. Evergreen foliage, twigs, teasels and pinecones all make for fabulous venue decorations, bouquets and dressings.

Cream and Ivory Confetti Petals make for classy confetti photos and will stand out perfectly against a more muted winter background.

Cool and Crisp:

Alternatively, a frosty palette of white, accented with crisp blue, cool pink or a sparkle of silver, is perfect for a chic and modern winter wedding.

Pure white dresses, for example, are a wonderful contrast to grey wintry skies! Our new Snow-White Rose Petals would be a good choice if you are embracing the white theme. On the other hand, confetti is a great way to add a little more colour, and our new Winter Wonderland Wildflower Confetti would add a splash of icy blue to the happy moment.

Winter Reds:

Perhaps the most classic winter wedding colour theme is red. It’s hard to beat red roses at a winter wedding! Rich and warm colours make everyone feel a little cosier, and luxurious textures like velvet are a beautiful contrast to the chill outdoors. Reds, burgundy and gold, clarets and creams, are all lovely options. In terms of confetti you could consider our Red & Cream Small Natural Rose Petals, Ruby Twist mix, or of course, simple red rose petals.

Petal Confetti - Delphiniums, Wildflowers and Lavender - Confetti throw

Winter Weddings Confetti

Here is our collection of lovely confetti blends that would work well for the colour themes we’ve just discussed. Take a look at our Winter Wedding Petals Collection to find something to suit your winter wedding day…

We hope we’ve inspired your winter weddings confetti creations. Please don’t forget to share your ideas and photos with us – we love to see what you create! Join us on Facebook and Instagram, or email

And don’t forget to enter our annual Confetti Moment Photo Competition!

With love from, The Petal People xxx

Wyke Manor Estate, Worcestershire.

Wyke Manor in the snow - Real Flower Petal Confetti Moment - Winter Weddings