This is certainly our most frequently asked question!

In short, there are no rights and wrongs and it’s totally up to you. However, there are a few factors that you should consider to help you make a decision as to how much throwing confetti you need. And we’re here to help you…

Biodegradable Confetti - a traditional confetti throw in the village churchyard

Have a little think about what you are imagining for your confetti moment. What’s the picture inside your head?! Alternatively, if you are the designated confetti shopper, have a quick chat with the couple to find out what they are hoping for.

The confetti moment is a once in a lifetime experience. It is so much fun! But it’s your moment, and so you can have it happen exactly when and where suits your big day plans.

Top Tip

The smaller the wedding the more likely it is that all your guests will want to get involved! If you are having a little celebration, you can be sure everyone will be excited to throw confetti. However, if you have large numbers of guests, certainly some of them will have wandered off to find the loo or the bar or will just be nosing around the gardens!

When and where will the confetti throw take place?

Choosing the timings and location can help you work out how to organise things.

The traditional time to throw confetti is after the ceremony – as the newlyweds leave the church, for example. If this is what you’d like to do, you should take a look at the space available outside the church: Perhaps everyone can stand in a long line down a pathway? Is there, for instance, a flight of steps people can be arranged on? Similarly, there may be some natural banking you can use to get a bit of height for a photograph? Or is there plenty of space to group guests around the doorway?

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company's 2019 Confetti Moment Photo Competition - entry

If you are getting married at a lovely venue with fabulous grounds, you might instead be hoping for a big group photograph somewhere in the beautiful gardens. In which case you should take a bit of time to find the perfect place. Look for a lovely setting with backgrounds of flower beds, topiary, balconies or just a great view! In addition, natural banking, steps, avenues of trees, archways and doorways are all useful features for arranging people.

Alternatively, you could have an indoor confetti moment walking down the aisle, a dance floor confetti throw, a great staircase moment – with guests stood on stairs and balconies (wonderful in castle or manor house!). For more ideas and lots of tips on ‘How to organise your confetti moment’ read our blog feature.

A Rainbow Rose Petal Confetti Moment with an amazing backdrop - Tintern Abbey

How many guests do you want to get involved?

The space available for the throw, and the timings of it, will help you decide how many people can get involved. On the other hand, how many people you want participating may steer the decision as to where and when to have your throw.

For instance, lining the pathway outside the church door will probably allow you to get everyone involved. But if you want to throw the petals as you walk back down the aisle after the ceremony, realistically only those seated closest to the aisle can take part.

Another factor to consider here is your budget. An easy way to make a saving is to have a smaller confetti moment as part of your photos – perhaps with just the wedding party or your families. Still lots of fun, but it won’t require so much confetti.

Hydrangea Petal Confetti Throw

Top Tip

Many people say to us that they’ve been told it’s just the ladies that want to throw confetti. In our experience, men enjoy it all just as much! It depends on your guests – they are your favourite people, so if you think they will all get involved, be sure to make sure you have enough confetti!

Ways to get your confetti to your guests

10 Handful Bags –

The simplest way to organise the confetti moment is with baskets of loose petals. People can simply take a handful, or the basket can be handed around by bridesmaids or family members. Add up the handfuls you require, then order as many 10 Handful Bags of confetti as will cover your needs.

In addition, you can use our pretty handmade Confetti Cones to divide up the loose petals. (Moreover, they will make it a little easier for your guests to hold the confetti whilst waiting for the throw to take place!) Confetti Cones are a lovely way to add a personalised touch.

Rainbow Delphiniums Flower Girl Basket - Biodegradable Confetti Basket - Real Flower Petal Confetti

Individual packaging –

Alternatively, we have some lovely packaging options that divides the confetti up and helps make it easier to hand out to your guests. Confetti Bags, Confetti Envelopes and Confetti Sachets are all sealed items. That is to say, they can be left on seats or at table settings. Similarly, they are easy to hand out with the order of service. And furthermore, packets could also be left somewhere convenient outside ready for the confetti moment – but the wind won’t blow the petals away!

We’ve gone into all of this in more detail in our ‘How to organise your confetti moment’ post.

Biodegradable Confetti - Soft Pinks Rose Petals - Petal Sachet

Top Tip

If you are reading this as one half of the happy couple – above all you must remember to ask someone to help organise everything on the day! (You’ll be busy!) It’s an ideal job for bridesmaids/ushers or Mum/Mother-in-Law. They can hand out confetti petals and direct people where to stand. Most importantly, be sure to chat it all through with your photographer, and let them know who will be there to help them!

Do you want a get that perfect photograph?

It might sound like a silly question, because everyone loves the confetti picture! But there are many different styles and ways of approaching this photo. It is essential to talk it through with your photographer to make sure you’re all on the same page. They will be able to give you advice and may even know your church/venue better than you do and have some great ideas.

Our blog post on how to ‘Get the perfect picture’ is a must read – packed full of suggestions, tips and ways to make sure you capture that magical moment.

In terms of quantities, what you want in terms of the photograph might make you want to order more petals. In other words, if you give guests more than one handful of petals you’ve got more chance of capturing it perfectly!

Real Flower Petal Confetti Moment - Winter Weddings

Top Tip

The setting for your confetti moment can also influence your choice of petals and colours: For instance, lighter colours work well against dark background (and vice versa).

So now that you have a better idea of the plan, and how much you might want, let us give you a bit more detail…

Everything is measured in handfuls

We sell our petals by the handful. It may sound a bit odd, but this makes it very easy to work out how much you will need!

To clarify, these are closed handfuls – what a guest can hold whilst waiting for the confetti throw to take place.

We recommend Delphinium Petals or Small Natural Rose Petals are the best throwing confetti.

A 10 Handful Bag contains 10 handfuls of throwing confetti.

Our Confetti Bags, Envelopes and Sachets contain 1 handful of throwing confetti.

1 Confetti Cone will hold 1 handful of throwing confetti. Our Confetti Cones are sold in packs of 10. You need to buy one 10 Handful Bag of petals to fill 10 Cones. (If you are making your own cones please be aware that you may need more or less than a handful of petals to fill them.)

One handful of Delphinium & Wildflower Petals
One handful of Delphinium & Wildflower Petals
One handful of Small Natural Rose Petals
One handful of Coloured Rose Petals
One handful of Hydrangea Petals

Confetti Baskets:

Our Small White Rectangular Basket will hold: 20 handfuls of petals, 10 Cones, 10 Envelopes or 12 Sachets.

Our Oval Baskets will hold: 30 handfuls of petals, 20 Cones, 20 Envelopes, 24 Sachets or 20 Confetti Bags.

The Rectangular Basket will hold: 40 handfuls of petals, 20 Cones, 30 Envelopes, 30 Sachets or 20 Confetti Bags.

A Deep Oval Basket will hold: 60 handfuls of petals, or up to 40 Confetti Bags.

Our Confetti Cone Stand: 20 Confetti Cones.

small white basket - confetti basket
oval basket
rectangular basket
white confetti cone stand

So, now hopefully you should have a good idea of exactly how much you need!

However,if you’d like a bit more advice, or simply to chat though your ideas, please just get in touch – or 01386 555045.

If you are looking for quantity advice in relation to decorating with petals, please head to our FAQ’s page here.

Enjoy your petals!

With love from The Petal People x

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