Petal confetti is natural, beautiful and 100% biodegradable. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for your wedding day and your magical confetti moment.

However, there are lots of petal confetti options, and so perhaps you don’t quite know where to start… Therefore, we have put together this simple simple guide to help you choose the petal confetti that is just right for your big day!

Here at The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company we are proud to offer the largest range of bespoke natural petal confetti. Consequently, it might seem like there are rather a lot of choices and decisions to be made. But each of our petals has its own charms, so read on to learn a little more about which one you should choose…

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Delphinium Petal Confetti

Petal Confetti grown and handpicked on the Wyke Manor Estate

We plant an enormous field of delphinium flowers on our 250-year-old farm in Worcestershire every summer. It’s a beautiful sight -and you can come and see it for yourselves! Please click HERE for Confetti Flower Field visiting information.

Our Delphiniums Petals are all handpicked and naturally air-dried in the summer sunshine. Most importantly, this ensures that they are the highest quality, but it also results in very eco-friendly and sustainable confetti. Not only do our delphinium petals biodegrade as quickly and as naturally as blossom, but no fuel except human energy is used in their picking or drying. Additionally, they travel less than a mile from the field to our packing office!

Petal Confetti - Delphinium Petal heart

Perfect throwing petals!

Delphinium petals are small and delicate, measuring about 1cm across. Consequently, they are as light as a feather and flutter down beautifully in the confetti moment. We suggest, for example, that you encouraga guests to throw petals up and, as a result, they will “hang” in the air prettily and look fabulous in your photograph!

Delphinium petals are perfect for just about everything. The small petals mean that there are a lot in a handful, and furthermore, they will fit into all our packaging options. We have a selection of colours of petals and we can mix them in any combination you require (including with our Wildflower collection). Our ‘Rainbow’ mix of all five colours is always the most popular confetti choice!

Wildflower Petal Confetti

Most of our Wildflower Petals are also homegrown on The Wyke Manor Estate, handpicked and air-dried. They are made from colourful cornflowers and the petals are tiny, with a fluffy texture. As a result, they make for very good throwing confetti.

Wildflowers can be combined with our Delphinium Petal Collection (see above), and, we’d recommend that a mix of the two is a great way to go. That is to say, you’ll have a bigger range of colours to choose from, and, consequently, it’s easier to create both softer, more tonal colour mixes, and, conversely, brighter, bolder combinations.

In addition to our homegrown cornflowers, we offer other petal types such as Mini Rosebuds. Rosebuds are very pretty and inject a little more romance into the petal mix! Although, you should know that they are heavier that the other petals, and consequently they will throw and will fly through the air quite differently.

To learn more about these petals please read our Biodegradable Confetti blog post or visit our Shop.

Delphiniums & Wildflowers Gallery:

Rose Petal Confetti

There is nothing more romantic on your wedding day than a scattering of rose petals! And so many couples choose to use rose petals for their confetti moment too.

We have three types available – Small Natural Rose Petals, Large Natural Rose Petals and Coloured Rose Petals…

Small Natural Rose Petals

Above all else, these rose petals are excellent throwing confetti! They are pretty petals, about 2-3cm wide, that have been freeze-dried. Consequently, they will keep looking natural and colourful for up to 4 months. They won’t wilt or fade like fresh petals. In addition, Small Natural Rose Petals will fit into all our packaging options.

Picture perfect!

These rose petals are small enough to throw nicely, that is to say they will float in the air. But they are bigger than Delphiniums & Wildflower Petals, therefore they will add a splash more colour to your confetti photograph.

We have lots of colours of Small Natural Rose Petal available, and you can combine them however you wish. Blends of pink and cream petals are certainly the most popular choice!

Petal Confetti - Small Natural Rose Petal heart

Large Natural Rose Petals

These rose petals are also freeze-dried and they have retained their natural curl, and as a result, they look as if they have just fallen from the stem. We don’t really recommend using them as throwing confetti because the petals are quite large: They can be difficult to hold in your hand without crushing them, and additionally they are quite tricky to throw! But you can throw them if you want to – they are gorgeous!

Large Natural Rose Petals vary in size from approximately 2 – 4cm wide by 2.5 – 5cm high. Because they are larger and quite shapely, as a consequence you don’t get very many by number per handful. To clarify, there are just 6 – 10 petals per handful, as opposed to approximately 150 delphinium petals!

We have a range of natural shades available, and similarly, you can mix them together however you wish. We sell them only in a 10 Handful Bag, because they don’t fit into our packaging.

Decorative petals

However, Large Rose Petals are great for scattering, creating petal aisles and pathways and decorating your venue. (Click on those links for more info).

Petal Confetti - Large Natural Rose Petal heart

Coloured Rose Petals

This confetti is perfect for couples who want a more adventurous colour of confetti! These are real rose petals that have been preserved and colour enhanced. Consequently, we can offer you bright, rich, colours and shades like brown that just aren’t readily available in nature. And, furthermore, the colour is uniform across all the petals, bright and vivid. In addition, the preservation technique means that the rose petals have retained their softness.

Coloured Rose Petals measure about 2-3cm wide. They are suitable for putting into confetti cones, petals bags and sachets.

Please note:

Most importantly, please be aware that Coloured Rose Petals are dyed. Consequently, they may leak colour if they are crushed, get wet, or exposed to high humidity. But with the light colours the risk is very small – we have never had any complaints.

We sell these petals as SINGLE COLOURS ONLY. But if you would like to mix different colours of these petals together we suggest doing it the day before the wedding.

Additionally, Coloured Rose Petals are available in a large 40 Handful Box at a discounted price. As a result, they can be great value throwing petals!

Petal Confetti - Coloured Rose Petal heart

To learn more about Rose Petals please read our blog post or visit our Shop.

Rose Petal Confetti Gallery:

Hydrangea Petals

These are super pretty confetti petals – they look like little flower heads! Hydrangea petal clusters measure 2-5cm wide. You get both clusters and petals in your confetti. However, because the petals are larger, you don’t get very many petals by number, per handful. They are a bit tricky to throw (being quite big) but on the other hand are very light and they float prettily in the air.

Hydrangea petals can be used as throwing confetti and additionally as decorative petals. They make for very pretty table decorations, and certainly look beautiful scattered around the wedding cake or gift table.

Hydrangea Petals look lovely in our petal bags and envelopes. But because these petals, in clusters, are quite big, we do not therefore recommend them for confetti cones. There are available in four gorgeous shades – Vintage Lilac, Dusky Blue, Green and White. You can mix the colours together to create your own bespoke colour mix to match your big day.

Great for flower girls!

Hydrangea Petals are an attractive petal for a little flower girl to scatter down the aisle. Additionally, they make beautiful petal aisles and pathways and venue decorations too.

Petal Confetti - Hydrangea Petal heart

Hydrangea Gallery:

Mixing different types of petals

Bespoke confetti

Many of our customers choose to mix different types of petals together. You can mix them yourself or ask us to do it. We mix all orders by hand to your bespoke wishes, so therefore we can create anything you like!

Play with the petals

Our website is arranged by petal type to keep thing simple. So if you are thinking you might like to mix different petals together, then we would always recommend ordering a Sample Box. You get a small pinch of the petals you like, so you can mix them up and experiment with different combinations. Consequently, it is easy to see what goes with what and how your blend will look. That is to say, different sizes, shades and textures can be quite hard to imagine on a screen, so it’s great to be able to have a play with the real petals! Most importantly, the postage charge for your Sample Box will be refunded when you place your order.

If you don’t have time to get a Sample Box then our top tip would be: Don’t just focus on colours, consider the size of the petals and their textures too.

But don’t worry too much – if you like it, that’s all that matters. That is to say, what one person might think looks beautiful, another person would consider to be messy. There are no rights and wrongs: Go with your gut and what you love.

Mixed Petals Gallery:

Summary of key features:

Petal Type Approximate Size Suitable for

Confetti Cones?

Petal Bags? Sachets? Envelopes?
Delphinium Petals 1cm round
Wildflower Petals 0.5cm wide by 1cm tall
Small Natural Rose Petals 1.5-3cm round
Large Natural Rose Petals 2-4cm wide by 2.5-5cm tall Too big X No X
Coloured Rose Petals 2-3cm round X
Hydrangea Petals Clusters 2-5cm round X

Some quick FAQs:

Definitely our Rainbow mix of Delphinium Petals.

Our Colour Chart is the best place to begin. You can see all our petals and colours together and therefore easily compare your options.

Of course – please visit our Confetti Sample Service page to order your choice of up to 8 petals. You can reclaim the £3.95 cost of the sample box when you place a future order with us.

Delphinium & Wildflower Petals and Coloured Rose Petals will keep perfectly for longer than 12 months. Small and Large Natural Rose Petals and Hydrangea Petals will keep at their best for 4 months. Our petals are very easy to look after – simply store them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Yes – of course! We mix all orders by hand to your bespoke wishes, therefore we can do anything you like. The petals are kept separate on our website just to help keep it simple. Give us a call on 01386 555045 and we can talk through what you’d like to do.

Generally, they mean they would like you to have real petals – something natural and biodegradable. All our petals are dried to ensure that they stay looking their best, but, most importantly, they will biodegrade as easily and quickly as fresh petals. Mention this to your venue and it should be fine.

Now the choice is up to you! In conclusion – you can be as or traditional and romantic or original and unusual as you want to be, just remember that it’s your confetti moment, therefore create something you love. Our best advice is simple – pick your favourite petals and colours and just go with what you like.

If you need a few more ideas check out our Instagram feed where we often post pictures of lovely mixes customers have chosen. Similarly, you’ll find more inspiration on our Pinterest board – Bespoke Confetti Mixes.

And please don’t hesitate to call if you need some help creating your own special mix – 01386 555045 – we have lots of experience and we are here to help.

With love from, The Petal People x